Clive Aslet

Clive Aslet (born 15 February 1955) is a writer on British architecture and life, and a campaigner on countryside and other issues. He was for many years editor of Country Life magazine.

Books in order of publication:

The Last Country Houses (Yale University Press, 1982)

Quinlan Terry: The Revival of Architecture (Viking, 1986)

The National Trust book of the English house (with Alan Powers; Penguin, 1985)

Deuce of an Uproar: William Eden Nesfield’s Letters to the Rector of Radwinter in Essex (Friends of Radwinter Church, 1988)

Knight Frank & Rutley’s Buying a Country House: A County Guide to Value (Country Life, 1989)

The American Country House (Yale University Press, 1990)

The American Houses of Robert A.M. Stern (with Robert A.M. Stern; Rizzoli International Publications, 1991)

Countryblast (with Michael Heath; John Murray, 1991)

Anyone for England? (Little, Brown; 1997)

Inside the House of Lords (with Derry Moore) (HarperCollins, 1998)

The Story of Greenwich (Fourth Estate, 1999)

A Horse in the Country: Diary of a Year in the Heart of England (Fourth Estate, 2001)

Landmarks of Britain: The Five Hundred Places That Made Our History (Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2006)

The English House (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2008)

Villages of Britain (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2010)

War Memorial (Viking, 2012)

An Exuberant Catalogue of Dreams: The Americans who Revived the Country House in Britain (Aurum Press, 2013)

The Birdcage (Cumulus, 2014)

The Story of the Country House (Yale University Press, 2021)

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