Conrad Black

Conrad Black is a Canadian-born author and businessman that an entrepreneur that built one of the biggest newspapers in the world during the 1990s. Hollinger International the conglomerate that he founded would come to own venerable papers around the world that included “The Jerusalem Post,” the “Chicago Sun-Times,” and “The Daily Telegraph.” Black would be convicted of obstruction of justice and mail fraud in 2007 and spend several years in jail before he was pardoned by President Trump in 2019.

Books in order of publication:

The History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present Books

Rise to Greatness, Volume 1: Colony(2017) 
Rise to Greatness, Volume 2: Dominion(2017) 
Rise to Greatness, Volume 3: Realm(2017) 

Non-Fiction Books

Render Unto Caesar: The Life and Legacy of Maurice Duplessis(1977) 
A life in progress(1993) 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom(2003) 
Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full / The Invincible Quest(2007) 
A Matter of Principle(2011) 
Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership(2013) 
Backward Glances: People and Events from Inside and Out(2016) 
The Canadian Manifesto(2019) 
A President Like No Other: Donald J. Trump and the Restoring of America(2020) 

Publication Order of Anthologies

Canadian Converts: The Path to Rome(2009) 
Chronicling the Crash: Standpoint Writers on Economics and the Financial Crisis(2013) 
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