Damon Galgut

Galgut was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1963. His family, of European stock, had strong ties to the South African judiciary. When he was six years old, Galgut was diagnosed with cancer, a trauma which he has described as “the central, cataclysmic event of my life”.

He fell extremely ill and spent long stretches of his childhood in hospital. His love of storytelling developed at this time as he lay convalescing in his hospital bed, listening to relatives reading stories to him.

Books in order of publication:



A Sinless Season

Small Circle of Beings

The Beautiful Screaming of Pigs (1992 CNA Award)

The Quarry (Best Film 1998 Montreal Film Festival)

The Good Doctor

The Impostor

In a Strange Room

Arctic Summer

The Promise (2021)


Echoes of Angers

Party for Mother

Alive and Kicking

The Green’s Keeper

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