Dana Stabenow Biography:

There are many authors in the world today. Writing is something that many feel they are good at, while it may be proven otherwise. However, there are not many authors around now whose words can pull you in, grab your hand, and take you on their adventure with them. The one author that is able to do that now, however, is author Dana Stabenow. To learn of one of the best authors in the world today, take a look at the life, times, and works of Stabenow, and see what other books you may or may not have read yet.

Growing Up Dana

She was born as Dana Stabenow on March 27th, 1952. Unlike most kids, she was born on a 75 foot fishing tender in the Gulf of Alaska. She said to have battled seasickness, but always seemed to power through it. She said that when she wasn’t sick, she wrote short stories about normal