Dani Kollin

I’m an accidental science fiction author.
A few years back, broke, desperate and living with my wife and three kids at my in-laws, I decided to get together with my brother, Eytan and write a book. Mind you I had no idea how to go about this but I did know that Eytan had some great ideas and little tenacity and I had a lot of tenacity and a gift for knowing how to turn great ideas into a marketable ones. I applied my advertising copywriter skill set (word craftsmanship and reader empathy) to the one idea of Eytan’s I felt was strongest and then together we created an outline, basic plot points and an extrapolated world built on that initial concept. 8 years later our first book, The Unincorporated Man, hit the shelves. It went on to win the 2010 Prometheus Award for Best Science Fiction novel of the year and the three books that followed in its wake were also nominated, one even making the finals. Happy to say the series has also found a warm welcome here at goodreads.com.

Re: me. My hobbies include roadbike riding, surfing and reading.

Books in order of publication:

What’s In A Name?1994
My Very Own Dreidel: A Pop-Up Hanakkah Celebration!2007
The Unincorporated Man
(Unincorporated Man #1)
The Unincorporated War
(Unincorporated Man #2)
The Unincorporated Woman
(Unincorporated Man #3)
The Unincorporated Future
(Unincorporated Man #4)
Day by Day2012
Target Zone2014
Grim Tales of the Brothers Kollin2016
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