Daphne Simpkins is an Alabama writer and a church lady who usually writes from a different vantage point about church life in the South through her Mildred Budge books. She has also written books on care giving and family life in the South.

Books in order of publication:

Nat King Cole: An Unforgettable Life Of Music2000
The Long Good Night: My Father’s Journey Into Alzheimer’s2003
Miss Budge In Love2010
Mildred Budge in Cloverdale (The Adventures of Mildred Budge Book 1)2014
A Cookbook For Katie: Upon the Occasion of Her Marriage Recipes and Reveries for the Bride2014
What Al Left Behind: a broken heart, a can-do attitude, and a changed perspective about Alzheimer’s, aging, and caregiving2014
Mildred Budge in Embankment (The Adventures of Mildred Budge Book 2)2015
Christmas in Fountain City2016
he Mission of Mildred Budge: Short Stories about Church Life in the South (The Short Adventures of Mildred Budge Book 2)2018
Blessed: Stories about Caregiving2018
Miss Budge Goes to Fountain City: A Mildred Budge Christmas Story (The Short Adventures of Mildred Budge Book 3)2019
Lovejoy: a novel about desire2019
What Makes a Man a Hero?: Stories about Men for Father’s Day2020