Darcie Wilde

Darcie Wilde is a pseudonym for Sarah Zettel, author of mysteries, science fiction, romance, and Young Adult fiction, including the New York Times Notable Book Fool’s War and the bestselling Rosalind Thorne mysteries A Useful Woman. She also writes under the names Delia James, Sarah Zettel, Jennifer Hawkins C. L. Anderson and Marissa Day.

Darcie writes her classically styled (not to mention stylish) mysteries as well as adventurous romances from a university town in a certain northern-midwestern state that has been known to bear some passing resemblance to a mitten. When not writing, she is reading, cooking, hiking, swimming, climbing things, embroidering other things, raising her rapidly growing son and trying to convince her cat — Buffy the Vermin Slayer — not to do any further damage to the furniture.

Books on in order of publication:

Lord of the Rakes – 2014

The Accidental Abduction – 2014

The Bride Behind the Curtain (Regency Makeover # 1) – 2016

The Stepsister’s Triumph (Regency Makeover # 2) – 2016

An Exquisite Marriage (Regency Makeover # 3) – 2016

A Useful Woman – (A Rosalind Thorne mysteries # 1) – 2016

A Purely Private Matter (A Rosalind Thorne mysteries # 2) – 2017

And Dangerous to Know (A Rosalind Thorne mysteries # 3) – 2019

A Lady Compromised (A Rosalind Thorne mysteries # 3) – 2020

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