David Downing

David Downing is the author of nonfiction and mystery novels. His prolific works have been reviewed by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and The Wall Street Journal. He is popularly known for his “convincing” vivid description of Berlin and World War II probably due familiarity and his studies with the subject.

He has published a series of spy thrillers based on the Anglo-American John Russell during his exploration in Germany during the 1940’s. These books are popularly referred to as The Station Series only simply because they are named after Germany train stations, mostly based in Berlin. The series conclude publication in June 2013 after 6 books with Masaryk Station.

Books in order of publication:

John Russell & Effi Koenen Books

Zoo Station(2007) 
Silesian Station(2008) 
Stettin Station(2009) 
Potsdam Station(2010) 
Lehrter Station(2012) 
Masaryk Station(2013) 
Wedding Station(2021) 

Jack McColl Books

Jack of Spies(2013) 
One Man’s Flag(2015) 
Lenin’s Roller Coaster(2017) 
The Dark Clouds Shining(2018) 

Standalone Novels

The Moscow Option(1980) 
The Red Eagles(2014) 
Diary of a Dead Man on Leave(2019) 

Non-Fiction Books

Future Rock(1976) 
Clint Eastwood(1977) 
The Devil’s Virtuosos(1977) 
War Without End, Peace Without Hope(1978) 
Charles Bronson(1982) 
Jack Nicholson(1983) 
Marlon Brando(1984) 
Robert Redford(1985) 
Robert Mitchum(1986) 
A Dreamer Of Pictures(1995) 
The Best of Enemies(2000) 
Yasser Arafat(2002) 
Sealing Their Fate(2009) 
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