David Gerrold

Jerrold David Friedman was born to a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois on January 24, 1944. He went to Van Nuys High School and was in the first graduating class of Ulysses S. Grant High School. He writes under the name of David Gerrold and is a screenwriter and author, writing science fiction.

As a screenwriter, he contributed to the original “Star Trek”; most famously, the “Trouble With Tribbles” episode. After the success of this episode, he contributed scripts to other television shows like “Sliders”, “Land of the Lost”, “The Twilight Zone”, and “Babylon 5”.

As an author, he has written the “Star Wolf” series, “The Dingilliad” series, and “The War Against the Chtorr” books.

“When CHARLIE Was One” was nominated for Best Novel by Nebula and Hugo Awards. “Jumping Off the Planet” was given the 2002 Hal Clement (a Young Adult Award). “The Martian Child” won both a Nebula and Hugo Awards for Best Novelette of the Year. It was adapted into a movie that starred John Cusack, Joan Cusack, and Amanda Peet.

“Jumping Off the Planet” is the first novel in the “Starsiders” series, which was released in the year 2000. A trip off to the Moon? That sounds like a great family vacation. Only for Charles “Chigger” Dingillian, thirteen years old, his family is far from perfect. His parents fight so often that they put the dis in dysfunctional. He and his brothers find themselves in the middle of a trip to the Moon, Chigger comes up with a plan. If their parents cannot figure out how to make things work, why not divorce them? It sounds crazy, yeah. Until it really works.

Charles as well as his brothers are each on their own. Their bid to have their freedom rams into a roadblock after Chigger thinks they are the targets of an interstellar manhunt. What could these major corporations want? Why? Their only hope is to actually jump off of the planet.

“Bouncing Off the Moon” is the second novel in the “Starsiders” series, which was released in the year 2001. Charles and his brothers were able to escape from Earth while it is close to global collapse and their bickering parents in a “divorce” at Geosynchronous Station. They find themselves all alone on the Moon and have few prospects available.

Worse, they are hunted by some ruthless interplanetary corporations who are willing to stop at nothing in order to get possession of a memory bar the kids smuggled on board. Will they make it all on their own? Who are they able to trust? Charles believed the Moon would be a new start for them. He is going to be lucky just to stay alive.

“Leaping to the Stars” is the third novel in the “Starsiders” series, which was released in the year 2002. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of some ruthless corporations who hunted him across the harsh lunar wasteland. Charles Dingillian is confronted with yet another fateful choice. Seeing as how he is no longer able to go back home to Earth, he and his brothers have to pick a new planet to call their home. Which one should they pick?

Charles has gotten a prototype HARLIE unit that is so state-of-the-art and revolutionary that corporations would be willing to do anything, even kill, to get it. Earth is in a state of meltdown, economically and socially speaking. The fight for domination between different rival corporations has just gone interplanetary. Charles and the HARLIE unit are able to escape capture on planet Earth, but the hunt gets more intense when they are found on the Moon. The stakes have just escalated to full on war. For Charles, everybody is his enemy and there is no one he can trust.

Freedom for Charles and his brothers means getting on a starship and going to Outbeyond, a colony. Here, they are going to use HARLIE to help construct a better world. Freedom does also mean exile. From his home and friends. From everything that he has ever known. Even a chance for a new start on an isolated planet after a critical malfunction with the HARLIE seems to threaten the integrity of his voyage. A faction of passengers on the Brightliner Cascade could pose a much greater risk. A risk that not even some intelligence as powerful as the HARLIE unit is able to avert.

“Voyage of the Star Wolf” is the second novel in the “Star Wolf” series, which was released in the year 1990. Executive Officer Jonathan Thomas Korie along with the rest of the Alliance Liberty Ship LS-1187’s crew made the mistake of surviving an ambush by the Morthan Solidarity. The attack came with no warning, devastating the Alliance fleet. Although the Alliance’s tech was more advanced, the Morthans (a Militaristic culture of bioegineered superhumans) were great strategists and destroyers just like their Dragon Lord were equipped with far more firepower than any of the Alliance vessels.

With his Captain lying dead, his ship just barely able to function, Korie and his crew make their way home, slowly. The Alliance needed somebody to pin the blame on and LS-1187 fit that bill. They are treated like Jonahs, rather than heroes.

The LS-1187 gets consigned to dry dock to get repaired, and the crew appears to have been forgotten by the top Alliance officials. Captain Hardesty comes on board and it all changes.

His reputation as the most terrifying and toughest warhorse in the whole military was an understatement. He, along with his new senior officers, could still prove to be what the LS-1187 needed. Hardesty is only interested in turning the wreck of a ship back into a working warship that is manned by a crew capable of performing at his rather inhumanly standard.

As executive Officer, Korie winds up being Hardesty’s main target, something that makes him feel if he is able to survive Hardesty, then he can survive anything. The Alliance, as well as the Morthans, would quickly give him the chance to figure out if he is right.

Books in order of publication:

Yesterday’s Children Books

Yesterday’s Children(1972) 
Voyage of the Star Wolf(1990) 
The Middle of Nowhere(1995) 
Blood and Fire(2003) 

War Against the Chtorr Books

A Matter for Men(1983) 
A Day for Damnation(1984) 
A Rage for Revenge(1989) 
A Season for Slaughter(1992) 
Method for Madness(2011) 

Trackers Books

Under the Eye of God(1993) 
A Covenant of Justice(1994) 

Dingillia Books

Jumping Off the Planet(2000) 
Bouncing Off the Moon(2001) 
Leaping to the Stars(2002) 

Sea of Grass Books

Child of Earth(2005) 
Child of Grass(2009) 

Standalone Novels

The Flying Sorcerers(1971) 
Space Skimmer(1972) 
When Harlie Was One(1972) 
The Man Who Folded Himself(1973) 
Moonstar Odyssey(1977) 
Chess with a Dragon(1987) 
When Harlie Was One Release 2.0(1988) 
The Martian Child(2002) 
Afternoon With A Dead Bus(2015) 
thirteen fourteen fifteen o’clock(2015) 


With a Finger in My I(1972) 
Alternate Gerrolds(2004) 
The Involuntary Human(2007) 
Read My Shorts(2013) 
Little Horrors(2014) 
A Promise Of Stars(2014) 
Entanglements And Terrors(2015) 


Uncle Daddy Will Not Be Invited(2013)

Short Stories/Novellas

In the Deadlands(1972) 
In The Quake Zone(2011) 
The Kennedy Enterprise(2011) 
The Strange Disappearance And Equally Strange Reappearance Of David Gerrold(2011) 
Thirteen O’Clock(2011) 
A Wish For Smish(2011) 
Dancer In The Dark(2011) 
Franz Kafka, Superhero!(2011) 
Ganny Knits A Spaceship(2011) 
Nowhere Man(2011) 
The Seminar From Hell(2011) 
Two Meditations On King Kong(2011) 
Digging in Gehenna(2012) 
Riding Janis(2012) 
The Case Of The Green Carnation(2013) 
Night Train To Paris(2014) 
fourteen o’clock(2015) 
The Bag Lady(2015) 
Finding Monstro(2015) 
The Gathering(2015)
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