David Gilman

Gilman is known to many for his YA adventure series called Danger Zone. The series follows a plucky hero named Max Gordon and each book in the series features a different geographical setting. The Devil’s Breath is one of the most successful books in the series as it won the French award, Le Prix Polar Jeunesse, and was also nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

David also writes for adults with his Master of War series. The first book, also called Master of War, follows Thomas Blackstone. Thomas is a village stonemason and archer in England that is sent to fight with King Edward’s army against the French in 1346. It was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the time with many lives lost, but Blackstone manages to find friendship and love during the tumultuous time. As Blackstone’s destiny is played out in this series, he finds himself going from lowly village stonemason to a legend. The series continues throughout the 100 Years’ War and all the political intrigue that came with that part of history.

Books in order of publication:

Danger Zone Books

The Devil’s Breath(2007) 
Ice Claw(2008) 
Blood Sun(2009) 

Master of War Books

Master of War(2013) 
Defiant Unto Death(2015) 
Gate of the Dead(2015) 
Viper’s Blood(2016) 
Scourge of Wolves(2017) 
Cross of Fire(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Monkey and Me(2014) 
The Last Horseman(2016) 
Night Flight to Paris(2018)
The Englishman(2020) 
Betrayal (The Englishman # 2) (2022)
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