David Guterson

David Guterson on May 4, 1956, in Seattle, Washington. He is the third child of Murray and Shirley Guterson. His father, who gave him most of his present fundamental beliefs and philosophies in life, was a criminal lawyer and was extremely popular in his hometown. Guterson spent majority of his childhood outdoors and considers fishing as one of his favorite pastimes.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Snow Falling on Cedars(1994) 
East of the Mountains(1999) 
Our Lady of the Forest(2003) 
The Other(2008) 
Ed King(2011) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Drowned Son(1996)

Short Story Collections

The Country Ahead of Us, the Country Behind(1989) 
Songs for a Summons(2014) 
Problems with People(2014) 
Turn Around Time(2019) 

Non-Fiction Books

  Anthologies Ten (1996) 
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