David Hendy

David Hendy is a writer, broadcaster and Emeritus Professor of Media and Cultural History at the University of Sussex.

He studied history at St Andrews and Oxford before joining the BBC in 1987 as a trainee reporter, later working as a producer on The World Tonight and Analysis. After leaving the BBC in 1993 he taught at the University of Westminster and the University of Sussex, and held visiting fellowships at Yale, Cambridge, and Indiana-Bloomington.

‘The BBC: A Century on Air’ (published in the UK as ‘The BBC: A People’s History) is my latest book. My four previous publications include ‘Life on Air: a History of Radio Four’ (2007), which won the Longmans-History Today Book of the Year Award and was nominated for the Orwell Prize.

Books in order of publication:

Radio in the Global Age – 2000

Life on Air: A History of Radio Four – 2008

Public Service Broadcasting – 2013

Noise: a Human History of Sound and Listening – 2013

The BBC: A Century on Air – 2022

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