David LaRochelle

I was born in Minneapolis on October 26th. I grew up in New Brighton, Minnesota, where I spent way too much time watching TV (which is strange because I never watch television now).

When I was not watching reruns of “Gilligan’s Island” or “The Brady Bunch,” I enjoyed reading, drawing, acting out make-believe stories with my neighbor LuAnn, and annoying my older sister Debbie.

Some of my favorite gifts as a kid included a tank of helium (I wanted to become a balloon man), Spirograph, and packs of brightly colored construction paper. I could spend hours making things out of construction paper. My childhood hero was Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, and if I could not become a balloon man, I wanted to become a cartoonist.

Books in order of publications:

A Christmas Guest – 1988

The Evening King – 1993

Picture That! Christmas Puzzles – 2002

Mighty Big Book of Travel Mysteries – 2002

The Best Pet of All – 2004

The End – 2006

1+1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions – 2010

Minnesota’s Hidden Alphabet – 2010

The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories – 2011

It’s a Tiger! – 2012

Moo! – 2013

Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!: 50 Flaps to Flip – 2013

How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans – 2013

Monster Son – 2016

This Is NOT a Cat! – 2016

Isle of You – 2018

Planet of the Penguins – 2019

I Was an Outer-Space Chicken – 2019

See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog – 2020

How to Apologize – 2021

See the Dog: Three Stories about a Cat – 2021

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