David Mack

Author David Mack is a science fiction, fantasy, and adventure author, and known for writing freelance “Star Trek” novels. His work spans different media; which include: film, comics, and television. Mack has also written some short stories as well.

Books in order of publication by series:

Dark Arts Books

The Midnight Front(2018) 
The Iron Codex(2019) 
The Shadow Commission(2020) 

Kabuki Books

Skin Deep(1999) 
Circle of Blood(2001) 
Masks of the Noh(2001) 
The Alchemy(2009) 

Daredevil Books

Parts of a Hole(2002) 
Wake Up(2002) 
Echo-Vision Quest(2004) 

Star Trek: Discovery Books

Desperate Hours(2017)

Standalone Novels

The Calling(2009)

Graphic Novels

Daredevil: End of Days (2013)
Dream Logic(2015
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