David Pratt

David Pratt (born 11 December 1957 in Hartford, CT) is an American writer who mainly writes Gay literature fiction, with a focus on short stories and novels. He also has directed and performed his own work for theater, and helped found Hosta Press.

Pratt’s first novel was Bob the Book (2010), which was awarded the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Debut Fiction in 2011, as well as being nominated for the 2011 TLA GAYBIE Best Fiction award. He released a series of questionnaires on the publisher’s website in order to help both young adults [6] and adults [7] make sense of the book.[7][8]

Shortly after, in 2012, Pratt released My Movie, a collection of short stories that he had published in the periodicals listed above and in anthologies like Men Seeking Men and Fresh Men 2. Most of the stories in the book deal with Pratt’s own childhood heartbreak, feeling alone, dysfunctional relationships, and problems of sexual addiction; in an interview for LGBTQ Nation, Pratt even describes it as his “virtual autobiography from about age eight to age 35”.[9][10]

Pratt released two novels in 2017. The first, Wallaçonia, was released on 25 March and it was his first young adult novel, specifically his first Bildungsroman, which dealt with issues that men with homosexual desires might experience.[11] In June he released Looking after Joey On 7 June 2017, Pratt released Looking After Joey, a speculative and satirical novel that was based on “Calvin gets sucked In” from his collection My Movie. Pratt uses the idea of a porn character stepping out of the television to “make fun of all things gay and all things Manhattan”, as he puts it in his personal blog.[12]

On 2 April 2019, Pratt released Todd Sweeney: The Fiend of Fleet High, a contemporary parody of the Victorian era Sweeney Todd that mixes elements of thriller and gay fiction. This was also Hosta Press’ first published book.[13] He has also had some recent anthology publications, including Jameson Currier’s With, Paul Alan Fahey’s The Other Man, and Jerry Wheeler’s The Dirty Diner.[10]


Pratt directed and performed several of his works for the theatre during time in New York City, including the HERE Arts Center, The Flea Theatre, the Theatre of the Elephant, The Duplex, the Cornelia Street Café, Dixon Place, and the Eight Annual New York International Fringe Festival. He also was the original director for various plays by John Mighton, the Canadian playwright, and has collaborated with various others, such as Brazilian professor and researcher Rogério M. Pinto, and Michigan artist Nicholas Williams, who he worked with on “TIME”, a piece of performance art at the Forge in Detroit.[1]

Hosta Press

In 2018, Pratt founded Hosta Press, an independent press based in Ann Arbor, formed of editors and designers who have a passion for art and thought. Their purpose is to pursue prose, poetry and art with a queer focus. Their first published material was Pratt’s Todd Sweeney: The Fiend of Fleet High in April 2019.

Award nominations

The book that has gained Pratt the most critical acclaim has been Bob the book, as it gained him the 2011 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Debut fiction, as well as a 2011 TLA GAYBIE nomination for Best Fiction, and a place on the Short List for Best Novel in the 2011 Gaylactic Spectrum Award.

Books in order of publication:

Young adult books

Gay Literature

Adult books

Gay Literature

  • Bob the Book (2010)
  • Looking After Joey (2017)
  • Todd Sweeney: The Fiend of Fleet High (2019)

Short fiction

  • My Movie (2012)
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