David Stahel

David Stahel is the author of over a half dozen books about World War II, several focusing on Nazi Germany’s war against the Soviet Union (including Operation Typhoon and The Battle for Moscow). He completed an MA in war studies at King’s College London in 2000 and a PhD at the Humboldt-University zu Berlin in 2009.

Books in order of publication:

  • Operation Barbarossa and Germany’s Defeat in the East (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2009).
  • Kiev 1941. Hitler’s Battle for Supremacy in the East (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2012).
  • Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, 1941: Total War, Genocide, and Radicalization (ed., with Alex J. Kay and Jeff Rutherford) (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2012).
  • Operation Typhoon. Hitler’s March on Moscow (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013).
  • The Battle for Moscow (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2015).
  • Joining Hitler’s Crusade: European Nations and the Invasion of the Soviet Union (ed.) (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2017).
  • Mass Violence in Nazi-Occupied Europe (ed., with Alex J. Kay) (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2018).
  • Retreat from Moscow (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2019).
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