David Weber

American author David Weber has been successfully publishing primarily science-fiction for several years now. Living with his wife Sharon in Greenville, South Carolina, he has allowed his religion to inform much of his work. With several nominations and best-sellers, he continues to write to this day.

Working on his début novel with the author Steve White, he first got published in 1989. This started a long and illustrious writing career under Baen Books. Originally though he began working on material by writing for gaming franchises, such as writing short stories which were used by Task Force Games. This along with his early beginnings in copywriting and advertising enabled him to gain a populist appeal that was to cement his critical and commercial success later on.

Books in order of publication:

Starfire Books with Steve White

In Death Ground(1997) 
The Shiva Option(2002) 

Dahak Books

Mutineers’ Moon(1991) 
The Armageddon Inheritance(1993) 
Heirs of Empire(1996) 

Honor Harrington Books

On Basilisk Station(1992) 
The Honor of the Queen(1993) 
The Short Victorious War(1994) 
Field of Dishonor(1994) 
Flag in Exile(1995) 
Honor Among Enemies(1996) 
In Enemy Hands(1997) 
Echoes of Honor(1998) 
Ashes of Victory(2000) 
War of Honor(2002) 
At All Costs(2005) 
Mission of Honor(2010) 
A Rising Thunder(2012) 
Shadow of Freedom(2013) 
House of Steel(2013) 
Shadow of Victory(2016) 
Uncompromising Honor(2018) 

Manticore Ascendant Books with Timothy Zahn, Thomas Pope

A Call to Duty(2014) 
A Call to Arms(2015) 
A Call to Vengeance(2018) 

Crown of Slaves Books with Eric Flint

Crown of Slaves(2003) 
Torch of Freedom(2009) 
Cauldron of Ghosts(2014) 

Saganami Island Books

The Shadow of Saganami(2004) 
Storm from the Shadows(2009) 
Shadow of Freedom(2013) 
Shadow of Victory(2016) 

Star Kingdom Books with Jane Lindskold

A Beautiful Friendship(2011) 
Fire Season (By:Jane Lindskold)(2012) 
Treecat Wars (By:Jane Lindskold)(2013) 

Honor Anthologies

More Than Honor(1998) 
Worlds of Honor(1999) 
Changer of Worlds(2001) 
The Service of the Sword(2003) 
In Fire Forged(2011) 

War God Books

Oath of Swords(1995) 
The War God’s Own(1998) 
Wind Rider’s Oath(2004) 
War Maid’s Choice(2012) 
The Sword of the South(2015) 

Empire of Man Books

with John Ringo

March Upcountry(2001) 
March to the Sea(2001) 
March to the Stars(2002) 
We Few(2004) 

Bolo Books

Old Soldiers(2005) 

Safehold Books

Off Armageddon Reef(2007) 
By Schism Rent Asunder(2008) 
By Heresies Distressed(2009) 
A Mighty Fortress(2010) 
How Firm a Foundation(2011) 
Midst Toil and Tribulation(2012) 
Like a Mighty Army(2014) 
Hell’s Foundations Quiver(2015) 
At the Sign of Triumph(2016) 
Through Fiery Trials(2019) 

New Multiverse Books

Hell’s Gate (With: Linda Evans)(2006) 
Hell Hath No Fury (With: Linda Evans)(2007) 
The Road to Hell (With: Joelle Presby)(2016) 

Publication Order of Gordian Protocol Books

The Gordion Protocol(2019) 
The Valkyrie Protocol(2020) 

Fury Books

Path of the Fury(1992) 
In Fury Born(2006) 

Ranks of Bronze Books

The Excalibur Alternative(2001)

Out of the Dark Books

Out of the Dark(2010) 
Into the Light(2021) 

Standalone Novels

The Apocalypse Troll(1998)

Ascent to Empire Books with Richard Fox


Short Story Collections

Worlds of Weber(2008) 

Graphic Novels

Tales of Honor Volume 1(2014)

Janissaries Books

Janissaries (By:Jerry Pournelle)(1979) 
Clan and Crown (By:Jerry Pournelle,Roland J. Green)(1982) 
Storms of Victory (By:Jerry Pournelle,Roland J. Green)(1987) 
Mamelukes (With: Jerry Pournelle)(2020) 


Foreign Legions(2001) 
The Warmasters(2002)
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