David Wishart

Books in order of publication

The Lydian Baker(1998)
Old Bones(2000)
Last Rites(2001)
White Murder(2002)
A Vote for Murder(2003)
Parthian Shot(2004)
Food for the Fishes(2005)
In at the Death(2007)
Illegally Dead(2008)
Bodies Politic(2011)
No Cause for Concern(2012)
Solid Citizens(2013)
Finished Business(2014)
Trade Secrets(2015)
Foreign Bodies(2016)
Family Commitments(2017)
Going Back(2018)

David Wishart is a Scottish author of historical mystery novels. He writes the Marcus Corvinus series. David studied Classics – Latin and Greek – at Edinburgh University. Following graduation, he taught for four years in a secondary school. He then went back to school to become a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, teaching in Kuwait, Greece and Saudi Arabia for eleven years. He returned to Scotland in 1990, where he teaches at Dundee University and writes. David Wishart made his debut as a published author in 1995,

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