Deborah Cameron

Deborah Cameron (born 10 November 1958) is a feminist linguist who currently holds the Rupert Murdoch Professorship in Language and Communication at Worcester College, Oxford University.

Cameron is mainly interested in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. A large part of her academic research is focused on the relationship of language to gender and sexuality. She wrote the book The Myth of Mars And Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Different Languages? which was published in 2007.

Books in order of publication:

The lust to kill: a feminist investigation of sexual murder -1987

Researching language: issues of power and method – 1992

Verbal hygiene (1st ed.) – 1995

Good to talk? Living and working in a communication culture – 2000

Working with spoken discourse – 2001

Globalization and language teaching – 2002

The words between the spaces: buildings and language – 2002

Language and sexuality – 2003

The language and sexuality reader – 2006

On language and sexual politics – 2006

The Myth of Mars and Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Different Languages? – 2008

The Trouble & Strife reader – 2010

More heat than light? Sex-difference science & the study of language – 2012

Working with written discourse – 2014

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