Declan Walsh

Born in Ireland and settled in Nairobi, Declan Walsh is that rare man who is as much at home in Pakistan—where he spent a decade writing for The Guardian and The New York Times—as in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, from where he writes on West Asia. Blessed with a flair for words and an unerring eye for detail, he recently published The Nine Lives of Pakistan (Bloomsbury), an arresting take on the tumultuous times in the history of our neighboring nation.

The noted writer Mohammed Hanif says about the book: “If you want to read one book about contemporary Pakistan, it has to be this.” Pankaj Mishra is equally effusive: “Walsh describes, with intellectual power and cool elegance, a much-misunderstood country.”

Books in order of publication:

Insh’allah Nation: A Journey Through Modern Pakistan. by Declan Walsh – 2011

The Nine Lives of Pakistan: Dispatches from a Precarious State – 2020

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