Dervla McTiernan

Dervla McTiernan is a crime fiction writer. She was born in County Cork.

Dervla McTiernan first became officially published in 2018 This was the year that saw the debut of her first ever book, The Ruin. It’s the first of the Cormac Reilly series. The 2019 sequel is titled The Scholar.

Dervla didn’t always set out to be a writer. She ended up going to Galway to study the field of corporate law. She also ended up going to study law in Ireland and going on to work as a lawyer, practicing in the field for over a decade. When times became tougher financially, she moved to Australia with her family.

Now Dervla writes in her spare time but also works actively for the M.H.C. She also has two children with her husband and the entire family is currently residing happily in Perth.

Books in order of publication by series

The Ruin2018
The Scholar2019
The Good Turn2020
The Murder Rule2022
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