Desmond Shum

Desmond Shum is the author of New York Times best seller Red Roulette, called “the book China doesn’t want you to read,” by CNN.  Born in Shanghai in an impoverished China, and raised in Hong Kong, Shum earned an American college degree through hard work and sheer tenacity and returned to his native country to establish himself in business. There, he met his future wife, the highly intelligent and equally ambitious Whitney Duan who was determined to make her mark within China’s male-dominated society.

Whitney and Desmond formed an effective team and aided by relationships with top members of China’s Communist Party, the so-called red aristocracy, they vaulted into China’s billionaire class, developing the massive air cargo facility at Beijing International Airport, and one of Beijing’s premier hotels. They were dazzlingly successful, traveling in private jets, funding multi-million-dollar buildings and endowments, and purchasing expensive homes, vehicles, and art. In addition, Shum was an early pioneer of philanthropy in China, gifting extensively both domestically and internationally.

Published book:

Red Roulette: An Insider’s Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today’s China – 2021

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