Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones was an author who was born in London, England, in the 1934. She was born to Richard Aneurin and Marjorie Jones who both were teachers by profession. She lived in London until war was declared in 1939 where her and her family fled to Wales. Her childhood was rather chaotic and negatively impacted by the war as her family could not stay in one place for very long. They spent brief stints in York, Coniston Water and even back in London, always relocating. Eventually they settled in a place named Thaxted, Essex in the 1943.

Her books varied greatly in genre from slapstick situational comedy to critical political as well as social commentary. Her books for children were often compared to the later Harry Potter series by well loved author JK is Rowling. Even when some of Jone’s books were out of print, the popularity of the Harry Potter series brought them back into popularity. Her works were often compared to the works of famous authors Robin McKinley and Neil Gaiman too. Gaiman even dedicated a witch in his book The Books of Magic to her.

Books in order of publication:

Dalemark Quartet Books

Cart and Cwidder(1975) 
Drowned Ammet(1977) 
The Spellcoats(1979) 
The Crown of Dalemark(1993) 

MagicQuest Books

Power of Three(1976) 
The Magicians of Caprona(1980) 

Chrestomanci Books

Charmed Life(1977) 
The Magicians of Caprona(1980) 
Witch Week (By: Tim Stevens)(1982) 
The Lives of Christopher Chant(1988) 
Mixed Magics(2000) 
Conrad’s Fate(2005) 
The Pinhoe Egg(2006) 

Chrestomanci Collections

Mixed Magics: Four Tales of Chrestomanci(2000)

Howl’s Castle Books

Howl’s Moving Castle(1986) 
Castle in the Air(1990) 
House of Many Ways(2008) 

Magids Books

Deep Secret(1997) 
The Merlin Conspiracy (By: David Wyatt)(2003) 

Derkholm Books

Dark Lord of Derkholm(1998) 
Year of the Griffin(2000) 

Standalone Novels

Wilkins’ Tooth/Witch’s Business(1973) 
The Ogre Downstairs(1974) 
Eight Days of Luke(1975) 
The Four Grannies(1980) 
The Time of the Ghost(1981) 
The Homeward Bounders(1981) 
Archer’s Goon(1984) 
Fire and Hemlock(1985) 
A Tale of Time City(1987) 
Chair Person(1989) 
Wild Robert(1989) 
Aunt Maria/Black Maria(1991) 
A Sudden Wild Magic(1992) 
Everard’s Ride(1995) 
Puss in Boots(1999) 
Stealer Of Souls(2000) 
Enna Hittims(2006) 
The Game(2007) 
Enchanted Glass(2010) 
Earwig and the Witch(2011) 
The Islands of Chaldea(2014) 

Short Story Collections

Warlock At the Wheel and Other Stories(1984) 
Stopping for a Spell(1993) 
Minor Arcana(1996) 
Believing Is Seeing(1999) 
Unexpected Magic(2002) 
Vile Visitors(2012) 

Picture Books

Who Got Rid of Angus Flint?(1978) 
Yes Dear(1992) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Skiver’s Guide(1984) 
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland(1996) 


Hidden Turnings(1989) 
Fantasy Stories(1994) 
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