Don Aslett

Donald Andrew Aslett (born 1935) is an American entrepreneur and author who specializes in cleaning and housekeeping products, services, and techniques. He co-founded Varsity House Cleaning Company, a house cleaning service, in 1957. After having been Varsity Contractors for years, it became Varsity Facility Services, a building service contractor, in 2011. It does business in the United States and Canada.

He is considered a cleaning expert,[1][2] and has written books about how to reduce the time spent cleaning by reducing clutter, selecting and organizing the efficient cleaning tools, and creating what he calls a self-cleaning house.

In 2011, he opened the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho, a six-story building with a theater, art gallery, and collection of 6,000 artifacts. Both the museum and his house in Hawaii were designed to be low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, which resulted in an award from the state of Idaho for Aslett’s efforts with the museum. The cleaning products sold by Varsity are also “green“, or environmentally-friendly.

Books in order of publication:

Is There Life After Housework?: A Revolutionary Approach to Cutting Your Cleaning Time by 75%1982
Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time to de-Junk Your Life!1984
Secret Of How To Win Freedom From Clutter1985
Who Says It’s a Woman’s Job to Clean?1986
Cleaning Up for a Living1988
Don Aslett’s Clean in a Minute1988
Pet Clean-Up Made Easy: Tackle and Pet Mess, Any Time, in a Snap from Stains and Smells to Fleas and Furballs1988
How Do I Clean the Moosehead?1989
Painting Without Fainting: How the Pros Do It Fast, Easy and No Mess1990
Don Aslett’s Stainbuster’s Bible: The Complete Guide to Spot Removal1990
Make Your House Do the Housework1990
Not for Packrats Only: How to Clean Up, Clear Out, and Dejunk Your Life Forever!1991
500 Terrific Ideas for Cleaning Everything1991
The Cleaning Encyclopedia1993
Office Clutter Cure: How to Get Out from Under It All!1994
The Professional Cleaner’s Personal Handbook1994
How to Be #1 with Your Boss: How to Keep Your Job Longer and Enjoy It More: How to Keep Your Job Longer & Enjoy It More.1994
How to Handle 1000 Things at Once: A Fun Guide to Mastering Home and Personal Management1994
Don Aslett’s Clutter Free!: Finally and Forever1995
Lose 200 Pounds This Weekend: It’s Time to Declutter Your Life!1996
How to Have a 48-Hour Day: Get Twice as Much Done as You Do Now!1996
No Time to Clean: How to Reduce and Prevent Cleaning the Professional Way1996
Keeping Work Simple: 500 Tips, Rules, and Tools1997
For Packrats Only: How to Clean Up, Clear Out, and Dejunk Your Life Forever!1998
Clutter Be Gone!: Cleaning Your House the Easy Way1999
Done!: How to Accomplish Twice as Much in Half the Time–At Home and at the Office2001
Get Organized, Get Published!2001
Do I Dust or Vacuum First?: Answers to the 100 Toughest, Most Frequently Asked Questions about Housecleaning2005
Weekend Makeover: Take Your Home from Messy to Magnificent in Only 48 Hours!2006
Help! Around the House: A Mother’s Guide to Getting the Family to Pitch in and Clean Up2006
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