Donald Richie

Donald Richie (17 April 1924 – 19 February 2013) was an American -born author who wrote about the Japanese people, the culture of Japan, and especially Japanese cinema. Although he considered himself primarily a film historian, Richie also directed several experimental films, the first when he was seventeen.

Books in order of publication:

Books by Richie

The Honorable Visitors. Charles E Tuttle; 1949;

Essays in Contemporary American Literature, Drama and Cinema (in Japanese). Hayakawa Shobo. 1950.

With Watanabe Miyoko. Six Kabuki Plays (paperback). Hokuseido Press; 1953;

This Scorching Earth. Charles E. Tuttle. 1956.

Eight American Authors. Kenkyusha. 1956.

Where Are the Victors? Tuttle Publishing. 1956.

With Joseph L. Anderson. The Japanese Film: Art and Industry (paperback). Princeton University Press; 1959, revised 1983;

Japanese Movies. Japan Travel Bureau, 1961

The Films of Akira Kurosawa. University of California Press, 1965. 3rd edition, expanded and updated, 1998.

The Japanese Movie. An Illustrated History (hardcover). Kodansha Ltd; 1965;

The masters’ book of Ikebana: background and principles of Japanese flower arrangement, edited by Donald Richie & Meredith Weatherby; with lessons by the masters of Japan’s three foremost schools: (hardcover). Bijutsu Shuppansha. 1966.

Erotic Gods Phallicism in Japan (slipcase). Shufushinsha; 1966;

Companions of the Holiday (hardcover). Weatherhill; 1968;

George Stevens: An American Romantic. New York, The Museum of Modern Art, 1970.

Ozu: His Life and Films (paperback). University of California Press. 1977.

With Ian Buruma (photos) (1980). The Japanese Tattoo (hardcover). Weatherhill.

Zen Inklings: Some Stories, Fables, Parables, and Sermons (Buddhism & Eastern Philosophy) (Paperback) with prints by the author. Weatherhill, 1982. Without prints: 1982.

A Taste Of Japan (hardcover). 1985. Kodansha Intl. Ltd.

Different People: Pictures of Some Japanese (hardcover). Kodansha Inc; 1987;

Focus on Rashomon (hardcover). Rutgers University Press; 1987;

Introducing Tokyo (hardcover). Kodansha Inc; 1987;

Introducing Japan (hardcover). Kodansha International; 1987;

Japanese Cinema: Film Style and National Character (paperback). Oxford University Press; 1990;

Japanese Cinema: An Introduction (hardcover). Oxford University Press; 1990;

A Lateral View: Essays on Culture and Style in Contemporary Japan (paperback). Stone Bridge Press. 1992.

The Inland Sea (paperback). Kodansha International; 1993;

The Temples of Kyoto (hardback). Tuttle Publishing; 1995;

Partial Views: Essays on Contemporary Japan (paperback). Japan Times; 1995;

Tokyo (paperback). Reaktion Books. 1999.

Memoirs of the Warrior Kumagai: A Historical Novel (hardcover). Tuttle Publishing; 1999;

Tokyo: A View of the City (paperback). Reaktion Books; 1999;

The Donald Richie Reader: 50 Years of Writing on Japan (paperback). Stone Bridge Press. 2001.

The Inland Sea (paperback). Stone Bridge Press. 2002. and Stone Bridge Press; 2010;

With Roy Garner. The Image Factory: Fads and Fashions in Japan (paperback). Reaktion Books; 2003;

Japanese Literature Reviewed (hardcover). ICG Muse; 2003;

A View from the Chuo Line and Other Stories (paperback), Printed Matter Press, 2004,

With Hillary Raphael, Meital Hershkovitz. Outcast Samurai Dancer, Creation Books, 2004,

The Japan Journals: 19472004 (paperback, Ed. Leza Lowitz). Stone Bridge Press. 2005.

Paul Schrader (Introduction) (2005). A Hundred Years of Japanese Film: A Concise History, with a Selective Guide to DVDs and Videos. Kodansha International.. (paperback)

Tokyo Nights (paperback). Printed Matter Press; 2005;

Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People (Tuttle Classics of Japanese Literature) (paperback). Tuttle Publishing. 2006.

A Tractate on Japanese Aesthetics (paperback). Stone Bridge Press. 2007.

Stephen Mansfield (Introduction) (2007). Travels in the East (paperback). Stone Bridge Press

Botandoro: Stories, Fables, Parables and Allegories: A Miscellany (paperback), Printed Matter Press; 2008;

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