Doug Peacock

Doug Peacock is an author, Vietnam veteran, filmmaker and naturalist Doug Peacock has published widely on wilderness issues: from grizzly bears to buffalo, from the Sierra Madres of the Sonoran desert to the fjords of British Columbia, from the tigers of Siberia to the blue sheep of Nepal. Doug Peacock was a Green Beret medic and the real-life model for Edward Abbey’s George Washington Hayduke in The Monkey Wrench Gang.

Author website:

Books in order of publication:

Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness, Henry Holt & Co., 1990.

Baja, Bulfinch Press, 1991

Walking It Off: A Veteran’s Chronicle of War And Wilderness, Ewu Press, 2005.

“The Best of Edward Abbey”, Sierra Club Books, 2005

The Essential Grizzly: The Mingled Fates of Men and Bears, Lyons Press, 2006.

In the Shadow of the Sabertooth: A Renegade Naturalist Considers Global Warming, the First Americans, and the Terrible Beasts of the Pleistocene. AK Press, 2013.

Was It Worth It? A Wilderness Warrior’s Long Trail Home, Patagonia Works, 2022

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