E. C. Tubb

E. C. Tubb

E.C. Tubb was a reputed British author of science fiction, western, and fantasy novels. He has penned more than 140 novels and over 230 short stories & novellas. Author Tubb is particularly famous for writing the Cap Kennedy series, The Dumarest Saga, and Space 1999 series. The Dumarest Saga is the one for which he is most well-known. It is an epic SF saga that takes place in the far future.

Books in order of publication:

Dumarest Books

The Winds of Gath(1967) 
The Jester at Scar(1970) 
Eye of the Zodiac(1975) 
Jack of Swords(1976) 
Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun(1976) 
Haven of Darkness(1977) 
Prison of Night(1977) 
Incident on Ath(1978) 
The Quillian Sector(1978) 
Web of Sand(1979) 
Iduna’s Universe(1979) 
The Terra Data(1980) 
World of Promise(1980) 
Nectar of Heaven(1981) 
The Terridae(1981) 
The Coming Event(1982) 
Earth Is Heaven(1982) 
Symbol of Terra(1984) 
The Temple of Truth(1985) 
The Return(1997) 
Child of Earth(2008) 

Cap Kennedy Books

Galaxy of the Lost(1973) 
Slave Ship from Sergan(1973) 
Monster of Metelaze(1973) 
Enemy within the Skull(1974) 
Jewel of Jarhen(1974) 
Seetee Alert!(1974) 
The Gholan Gate(1974) 
The Eater of Worlds(1974) 
Earth Enslaved(1974) 
Planet of Dread(1974) 
Spawn of Laban(1974) 
The Genetic Buccaneer(1974) 
A World Aflame(1974) 
The Ghosts of Epidoris(1975) 
Mimics of Dephene(1975) 
Beyond the Galactic Lens(1975) 
The Galactiad(1983) 

Gladiators Books

Atilus the Slave(1975) 
Atilus the Gladiator(1975) 

Standalone Novels

Saturn Patrol(1951) 
Atom War on Mars(1952) 
Reverse Universe(1952) 
Dynasty of Doom(1953) 
Fugitive of Time(1953) 
I Fight for Mars(1953) 
The Mutants Rebel(1953) 
Planetoid Disposals, Ltd(1953) 
Space Hunger(1953) 
Venusian Adventure(1953) 
The Wall(1953) 
Alien Life(1954) 
City of No Return(1954) 
The Extra Man(1954) 
Hell Planet(1954) 
Journey to Mars(1954) 
The Metal Eater(1954) 
Pandora’s Box(1954) 
The Resurrected Man(1954) 
The Stellar Legion(1954) 
Temple of Death(1954) 
Alien Dust(1955) 
Assignment New York(1955) 
The Space-Born(1956) 
Death Wears a White Face(1957) 
Moon Base(1964) 
The Life Buyer(1965) 
Death Is a Dream(1967) 
COD Mars(1968) 
Escape into Space(1969) 
STAR Flight(1969) 
Century of the Manikin(1972) 
The Primitive(1977) 
The Stellar Assignment(1979) 
The Pawn of Ophalos(1980) 
The Luck Machine(1980) 
Pawn of the Omphalos(1980) 
Death God’s Doom(1999) 
The Sleeping City(1999) 
The First Shot(2000) 
The Gold Seekers(2000) 
Sands of Destiny(2009) 
The Captive(2010) 
Footsteps of Angels(2011) 
To Dream Again(2011)


Ten from Tomorrow(1966) 
A Scatter of Stardust(1972) 
Murder in Space(1997) 
Kalgan the Golden(1999) 
Fantasy Annual Vol. 3(1999) 
The Best Science Fiction of EC Tubb(2003) 
Mirror of the Night and Other Weird Tales(2011) 
The Wager(2011) 
The Ming Vase(2011) 
Enemy of the State(2011) 
The Wonderful Day(2012) 
Only One Winner(2013) 
Mirror of the Night(2019) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Star Haven(2012)
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