Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell has earned an international following. For over 25 years, he has blazed a trail in the world of graphic novels, and his work has earned nearly every honor in the field, including the Eisner, Ignatz, and Harvey awards.

With Alan Moore he created the towering opus From Hell, later adapted by Hollywood. Among the multitude of solo works he has produced, the epic series Bacchus brings the adventures of the Greek god of wine bang up to date, along the way adding such anomalies as the Eyeball Kid to the ancient pantheon. His autobiographical Alec has also garnered praise, notably for the memorable graphic novels Alec: the King Canute Crowd, and Alec: how to be an Artist.

Alec / autobiography

  • Alec (Escape Publishing, 1984)
  • Love and Beerglasses (Escape Publishing, 1985)
  • Doggie in the Window (Escape Publishing, 1986)
  • By The Time I Get To Wagga Wagga (Harrier Comics, 1987)
  • Ace (Harrier/New Wave, 1988)
  • The Complete Alec (Acme Press/Eclipse Comics, 1990)
    • republished in 2000 by Eddie Campbell Comics as The King Canute Crowd
  • The Dead Muse (Fantagraphics Books, 1990)
  • Eddie Campbell in Little Italy (Fantagraphics, 1991)
  • In The Days of the Ace Rock ‘n’ Roll Club (Fantagraphics, 1993) — originally produced in 1978–1979
  • Graffiti Kitchen (Tundra Publishing, 1993)
  • The Dance of Lifey Death (Dark Horse Comics, 1994)
  • Three Piece Suit (Top Shelf Productions, 2001) — collecting Graffiti Kitchen, Little Italy, and The Dance of Lifey Death
  • How to be an Artist (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2001)
  • After the Snooter (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2002)
  • Alec: The Years Have Pants (Top Shelf Productions, 2009) — collecting all of the above, with extra shorts and a new Alec story, “The Years Have Pants”
  • The Fate of the Artist (First Second Books, 2006)
  • The Lovely Horrible Stuff (Top Shelf Productions / Knockabout Comics, 2012)


  • Deadface (8 issues, Harrier Comics, April 1987–October 1988)
  • Deadface: Doing the Islands with Bacchus (3 issues, Dark Horse Comics, 1991) — mostly reprints of stories from Trident Comics’ Trident and Atomeka Press’ A1
  • The Eyeball Kid (3 issues, Dark Horse, April 1992–June 1992) — reprints of stories from the Dark Horse anthology Cheval Noir
  • Deadface: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire (4 issues, Dark Horse, July 1992–October 1992)
  • The 1,001 Nights of Bacchus (Dark Horse, May 1993)
  • Hermes vs. The Eyeball Kid (3 issues, Dark Horse, December 1994–February 1995) — reprints of stories from Dark Horse Presents
  • Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus (60 issues, Eddie Campbell Comics, May 1995–May 2001)
  • Collected volumes:
    • Vol 1: Deadface: Immortality Isn’t Forever (Dark Horse Comics, 1990) — reprints Deadface #1–8
    • Vol 2: The Gods of Business (Eddie Campbell Comics, 1995) — with Ed Hillyer
    • Vol 3: Doing the Islands with Bacchus (Dark Horse Comics, 1991)
    • Vol 4: The Eyeball Kid – One Man Show (Eddie Campbell Comics, 1998) — with Ed Hillyer; reprints from Cheval Noir
    • Vol 5: Earth, Water, Air, Fire (Eddie Campbell Comics, 1998) — with Wes Kublick; reprints from Deadface: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
    • Vol 6: The 1,001 Nights of Bacchus (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2000) — reprints the 1993 Dark Horse TPB of the same name
    • Vol 7/8: The Eyeball Kid Double Bill Eddie Campbell Comics, 2002) — with Wes Kublick; reprints “The Eyeball Kid” stories from Dark Horse Presents #76-84, 94-99 (Aug. 1993–July 1995)
    • Vol 9: King Bacchus (Eddie Campbell Comics, 1996) — with Pete Mullins
    • Vol 10: Banged Up (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2001) — with Pete Mullins and Marcus Moore

Other work

  • Catalyst: Agents of Change (5 issues, Dark Horse Comics, 1994) — writer, with Pete Ford Hellblazer ( Vertigo Comics)
    • Issues 85–88 (1995) — writer, with Sean Phillips as artist
    • Issue #250 (2008) — short story artist, with Peter Milligan as writer of “The Curse of Christmas”
  • From Hell (originally serialized from 1989 to 1996; Top Shelf Productions, 1999) — with Alan Moore
  • The Birth Caul (Eddie Campbell Comics, 1999) — adaptation of an Alan Moore performance art piece
  • Snakes and Ladders (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2001) — with Michael Evans; adaptation of an Alan Moore performance art piece
  • Egomania (2 issues, Eddie Campbell Comics, 2002)
  • Batman: The Order of Beasts (DC Comics, 2004) — with Daren White
  • Captain America: Homeland (Marvel Comics, 2004) — pencils and inks, two-part “Requiem” story with writer Robert Morales and inks by Stewart McKenny
  • A Disease of Language (Palmano Bennett / Knockabout Comics, 2005) — hardcover reprinting The Birth Caul and Snakes and Ladders plus miscellany
  • The Black Diamond Detective Agency (First Second, 2007)
  • The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard (First Second, 2008)
  • The Playwright (Top Shelf / Knockabout, 2010) — with Daren White
  • Dapper John:
    • “Dapper John: In the Days of the Ace Rock ‘n’ Roll Club”, iPad app collecting all of the “Dapper John” stories (2011, orig. 1978–c. 1993)
  • Bizarre Romance (Abrams, 2018) — with Audrey Niffenegger
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