Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson is a popular spy fiction writer. He was born in Baltimore but moved to the United Kingdom after he served in the Vietnam War. He decided to move out to the country following his dissatisfaction with American policies following the war. He has lived in the UK for decades although he has also been in Germany and France for part of his life, thus influencing many of the things that he has written in his many stories.

He worked as a teacher for years not long after the war ended. He had expressed interest in writing stories over the years. It was not until the early 2000s when he started writing spy fiction stories.

Wilson’s work is heavily inspired by many classic suspense writers of the past. His work has particularly been inspired by British spy activities and organizations. He has particularly set many of his stories in the middle part of the twentieth century as it is a period where many conflicts and issues came about between many figures in the British, American, and Soviet governments.

Books in order of publication:

Catesby Books

The Envoy(2008) 
The Darkling Spy(2010) 
The Midnight Swimmer(2011) 
Whitehall Mandarin(2014) 
A Very British Ending(2015) 
South Atlantic Requiem(2018) 
The Portrait of a Spy as a Young Man(2020)
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