Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen CBE (/ˈboʊən/; 7 June 1899 – 22 February 1973) was an Irish – British novelist and short story writer notable for her books about the “big house” of Irish landed Protestants as well her fiction about life in wartime London.

Books in order of publication:


The Hotel (1927)

The Last September (1929)

Friends and Relations (1931)

To the North (1932)

The House in Paris (1935)

The Death of the Heart (1938)

The Heat of the Day (1949)

A World of Love (1955)

The Little Girls (1964)

Eva Trout (1968)

Short story collections

Encounters (1923)

Ann Lee’s and Other Stories (1926)

Joining Charles and Other Stories (1929)

The Cat Jumps and Other Stories (1934)

Look at All Those Roses (1941)

The Demon Lover and Other Stories (1945)

Ivy Gripped the Steps and Other Stories (1946, USA)

Stories by Elizabeth Bowen (1959)

A Day in the Dark and Other Stories (1965)

The Good Tiger (1965, children’s book) – illustrated by M. Nebel (1965 edition) and Quentin Blake (1970 edition)

Elizabeth Bowen’s Irish Stories (1978)

The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen (1980)

The Bazaar and Other Stories (2008) – edited by Allan Hepburn


Bowen’s Court (1942, 1964)

Seven Winters: Memories of a Dublin Childhood (1942)

English Novelists (1942)

Anthony Trollope: A New Judgement (1946)

Why Do I Write?: An Exchange of Views between Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene and V.S. Pritchett (1948)

Collected Impressions (1950)

The Shelbourne (1951)

A Time in Rome (1960)

Afterthought: Pieces About Writing (1962)

Pictures and Conversations (1975), edited by Spencer Curtis Brown

The Mulberry Tree: Writings of Elizabeth Bowen (1999), edited by Hermione Lee

“Notes on Éire”: Espionage Reports to Winston Churchill by Elizabeth Bowen, 1940–1942 (2008), edited by Jack Lane and Brendan Clifford

People, Places, Things: Essays by Elizabeth Bowen (2008) – edited by Allan Hepburn

Love’s Civil War: Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie: Letters and Diaries, 1941–1973 (2009), edited by Victoria Glendinning and Judith Robertson

Listening In: Broadcasts, Speeches, and Interviews by Elizabeth Bowen (2010), edited by Allan Hepburn

Elizabeth Bowen’s Selected Irish Writings (2011), edited by Éibhear Walshe

The Weight of a World of Feeling: Reviews and Essays by Elizabeth Bowen (2016), edited by Allan Hepburn

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