Elizabeth Jane Howard

Elizabeth Jane Howard, FRSL, CBE, was one of the most popular novelist from England, who used to write her books based on the fiction and nonfiction genres. Before taking up writing as a career, she had worked as an actor and a model.

Books in order of publication by series:

Cazalet Chronicles Books

The Light Years(1988) 
Marking Time(1991) 
Casting Off(1995) 
All Change(2014) 

Standalone Novels

The Beautiful Visit(1950) 
The Long View(1956) 
The Sea Change(1959) 
After Julius(1965) 
Something in Disguise(1969) 
Odd Girl Out(1972) 
Getting It Right(1982) 
Love All(2008) 

Short Story Collections

We Are For the Dark(1951) 
Mr. Wrong(1975) 

Non-Fiction Books

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