Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths is a novelist with several books under her name. She gets her inspiration from her husband and herself, who are both archaeologists, and her aunt who used to fill her head with many tales when she was a little girl. Elly has two children with her husband, and they live near Brighton. When Elly is not digging up bones, she is writing her beloved novels.

Although The Crossing Places is not her first novel, it is her very first crime novel. A child comes up missing. When a child’s bones are found on a beach, the Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson asks Ruth Galloway for help to determine if these bones are the final remains of a missing little girl by the name of Lucy Downey. This little girl has been missing for ten years and since her disappearance, Detective Nelson has been receiving weird letters. These weird letters are about the little girl and about sacrifice and rituals.

Books in order of publication:

DI Stephens and Max Mephisto Books

The Zig Zag Girl(2014) 
Smoke and Mirrors(2015) 
The Blood Card(2016) 
The Vanishing Box(2017) 
Now You See Them(2019) 

Ruth Galloway Books

The Crossing Places(2009) 
The Janus Stone(2010) 
The House at Sea’s End(2011) 
A Room Full of Bones(2011) 
Ruth’s First Christmas Tree(2012) 
A Dying Fall / Tomb of the Raven King(2012) 
The Outcast Dead(2014) 
The Ghost Fields(2015) 
The Woman in Blue(2016) 
The Chalk Pit(2017) 
The Dark Angel(2018) 
The Stone Circle(2019) 
The Lantern Men(2020) 
The Night Hawk(2021)

Justice Jones Books

A Girl Called Justice(2019) 
The Smugglers’ Secret(2020) 

Harbinder Kaur Books

The Stranger Diaries(2018) 
The Postscript Murders(2021) 

Standalone Novels

The Italian Quarter(2004) 
The Eternal City(2005) 
Villa Serena(2007) 
Summer School(2008) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Little Book of Shakespeare and Food(2001)


Killer Women: Crime Club Anthology #2(2017)
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