Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue (born 24 October 1969) is an Irish-Canadian playwright, literary historian, novelist, and screenwriter. Her 2010 novel Room was a finalist for the Booker Prize and an international best-seller. Donoghue’s 1995 novel Hood won the Stonewall Book Award and Slammerkin (2000) won the Ferro-Grumley Award for Lesbian Fiction. She is a 2011 recipient of the Alex Awards. Room was adapted by Donoghue into a film of the same name. For this, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Books in order of publication:


Stir Fry (1994)

Hood (1995)

Slammerkin (2000)

Life Mask (2004)

Landing (2007)

The Sealed Letter (2008)

Room (2010) 

Frog Music (2014)

The Wonder (2016)

The Lotterys series:

The Lotterys Plus One (2017)

The Lotterys More or Less (2018)

Akin (2019)

The Pull of the Stars (2020)

Haven (2022)

Short story collections:

Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins, AKA Kissing the Witch (1997), collection of 13 short stories:

“The Tale of the Shoe”, “The Tale of the Bird”, “The Tale of the Rose”, “The Tale of the Apple”, “The Tale of the Handkerchief”, “The Tale of the Hair”, “The Tale of the Brother”, “The Tale of the Spinster”, “The Tale of the Cottage”, “The Tale of the Skin”, “The Tale of the Needle”, “The Tale of the Voice”, “The Tale of the Kiss”

The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits (2002), collection of 17 short stories:

“Acts of Union”, “Account”, “Ballad”, “Come, Gentle Night”, “Cured”, “Dido”, “The Last Rabbit”, “The Necessity of Burning”, “Revelations”, “Salvage”, “Night Vision”, “Figures of Speech”, “A Short Story”, “The Fox on the Line”, “How a Lady Dies”, “Looking for Petronilla”, “Words for Things”

Touchy Subjects (2006), collection of 19 short stories:

“The Dormition of the Virgin”, “Baggage”, “WritOr”, “Lavender’s Blue”, “Through the Night”, “The Man Who Wrote on Beaches”, “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, “Good Deed”, “The Sanctuary of Hands”, “Necessary Noise”, “Pluck”, “Team Men”, “Enchantment”, “The Welcome”, “Oops”, “The Cost of Things”, “Speaking in Tongues”, “Touchy Subjects”, “Expecting”

Three and a Half Deaths (2011), collection of 4 short stories:

“What the Driver Saw”, “The Trap”, “Sissy”, “Fall”

Astray (2012), collection of 14 short stories:

“The Lost Seed”, “The Widow’s Cruse”, “The Hunt”, “Vanitas”, “Counting the Days”, “Last Supper at Brown’s”, “Onward”, “The Body Swap”, “The Long Way Home”, “Man and Boy”, “Snowblind”, “The Gift”, “Daddy’s Girl”, “What Remains”

Uncollected short stories:

“Going Back” (1993)

“Seven Pictures Not Taken” (1996)

“Error Messages” (1999)

“Thicker Than Water” (2001)

“Here and Now” (2006)

“Dear Lang” (2009) in How Beautiful the Ordinary: Twelve Stories of Identity (ed. Michael Chart)

“Tableau Vivant” (2010)

“Visiting Hours” (2011), based on her radio play “The Modern Family”

“Urban Myths” (2012), based on her homonymous radio play

“Spelled Backward” (2012)

“Since First I Saw Your Face” (2016)

“The Big Cheese” (2017)



Emma Donoghue: Selected Plays (2015), collection of 5 plays:

“Kissing the Witch” (based on 5 short stories of her homonymous collection), “Don’t Die Wondering” (based on her homonymous radio play), “Trespasses” (based on her homonymous radio play), “Ladies and Gentlemen”, “I Know My Own Heart”

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