Emma Straub

Emma Straub was born in New York City, in the year 1980. She is an established American author known for her bestselling book The Vacationers that was produced in 2014. Emma writes both essays and short stories to numerous periodicals and magazines. Emma’s very first novel was “Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. The book was published by Riverhead Books back in 2012. Emma’s debut story collection was released in February 2012, going by the title “Other People We Married.” This story collection was also published by Riverhead Books. Emma Straub writes both fiction and non-fiction stories, with success being mostly witnessed from the fiction books.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures(2012) 
The Vacationers(2014) 
Modern Lovers(2016) 
All Adults Here(2020) 
This Time Tomorrow(2022)

Short Story Collections

Fly Over State(2009)
Other People We Married(2012)

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