Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer was born on May 14, 1965 in Wexford, located on the South East coast of Ireland. He was brought up along with his four brothers by his father, who was an artist, elementary school teacher, and historian, and his mother, a drama teacher and stage writer. His family encouraged his appreciation for the arts and writing. He began to develop his interest in writing in elementary school by composing Viking stories based on history lessons taught in school at the time. His first work of writing was a class play called Norse Gods. Eoin left school and got a degree from Dublin University. He returned to Wexford to work as a primary school teacher.

In 1991 he moved and his wife spent 4 years from 1992 to 1996 working in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Italy. His first book based on his experiences in Tunisia was published in 1998. It was called Benny and Omar. It became a best selling book in Ireland and since then it has been translated into many different languages. A sequel entitled Benne and Babe was published in 1999 and nominated for Ireland’s Bjstro Award in 2000. Eoin followed up these popular books with Artemis Fowl, published in 2001. Eoin then resigned from teaching in order to begin writing full time.

Colfer is not just resigned to writing only his characters. In 2008 Colfer was announced to be writing a sequel of Douglas Adams’ widely popular science fiction and fantasy book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, called And Another Thing… published in 2009. His other books have gained success around the world. He has written three books for the series O’Brien Flyers: Going Potty, Ed’s Funny Feet, and Ed’s Bed. He has also written eight books in the wildly popular best selling series Artemis Fowl and has written a series of short stories that go along with the series, LEPrecon, Artemis Fowl: The Seventh Dwarf, and several graphic novels for the book.

Colfer has also written The Super Naturalist, The Super Naturalist: The Graphic Novel, and two novels for the W.A.R.P. (Witness Anonymous Relocation Program): The Reluctant Assassin and The Hangman’s Revolution. He has published a novel in the Half Moon Investigations series by the same name, published in 2006. He has also written two novels in the Daniel McEvoy series, Plugged and Screwed, and three books in the Standalone Novels series, The Wish List, Click, and Airman. Coifer has also followed in his mother’s footsteps and penned several plays that have been well staged and received in Ireland. He currently lives in Wexford, Ireland along with his wife Jackie and two sons Finn and Sean and has no plans to stop writing anytime soon.

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is the first novel in Coifer’s wildly popular series. He describes it as a modern fairy tale that is in part an homage to more sophisticated series such as James Bond. It features the main character of Artemis Fowl, a genius twelve year old boy who is very smart in addition to being a criminal master mind, and a millionaire. He is the progeny of a famous crime lord of Ireland and has continued in his father’s path by dedicating himself wholeheartedly to criminal enterprise. The Fowl family has actually made up the criminal empire for generations on end. Artemis is determined to follow in the family name.

After looking it up, he believes he has finally found confirmation that fairies do actually exist. He travels with his trusty bodyguard Butler to Vietnam to track down a Fairy Holy Book. When he gets there, Artemis puts a series of events into motion when he takes Captain Holly Short, leader of the LEPrecon, captive. These fairies are no soft fey creatures but brutally armed, dangerous, and intelligent beings. Just when Artemis thinks he has the drop on these fairies and will be able to get back his family’s fortune through a hefty ransom, the fairies have other plans and surprise him. They will stop at nothing to get Holly Short back.

Commander Root of LEPrecon shows up to save Holly and will stop at nothing until he gets her back. The fairies meanwhile are closing in on Artemis and go to Fowl Manor in order to get entry. Only Artemis has anticipated this(being a young mastermind and genius) and has set up special cameras that capture the fast movements and high vibration shielding of the fairies. The fairies are stopped and Root lays siege to the manor. Artemis tells him his ransom, which is one solid ton of gold. The plot continues and other members of The Fairy Council are called upon for action. Others join the battle and Artemis ends up asking Holly for something in the hopes that he can help restore his mother.

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

The Arctic Incident is the sequel to the best selling Artemis Fowl series. It starts at the Bay of Kola, where the Russian Mafiya have sank a ship and two members of the crew have found Artemis Fowl I. He’s okay except for the fact that he’s missing a leg and a fully functioning eye. Three years later, Artemis gets a call from Butler. He is shown that his father is still alive through a video and finds out the Russian Mafiya has him. Artemis must come up with a plan in order to rescue his father before the ransom demand comes to save him.

The LEPrecon unit are having their own problems dealing with goblins. A group of the LEPrecon are undergoing attack by armed goblins that are carrying illegal weapons powered by humans. Holly goes to take Artemis and Butler in for questioning, only for them to find Artemis is innocent. Root gets Fowl and Butler to help find out who is behind the human batteries. Meanwhile, more attacks are being taken out on the fairies by a disgraced former member of the LEPrecon unit seeking revenge. But who? And can Artemis find out who is responsible in time while being able to save his father?

—-Books in order of publication by series:

Benny Shaw Books

Benny and Omar(1998) 
Benny and Babe(2000) 

Flyers Children’s Books

Going Potty(1999) 
Ed’s Bed(2001) 
Ed’s Funny Feet(2001) 

Artemis Fowl Books

Artemis Fowl(2001) 
The Arctic Incident(2002) 
The Eternity Code(2003) 
The Opal Deception(2005) 
The Lost Colony(2006) 
The Time Paradox(2008) 
The Atlantis Complex(2010) 
The Last Guardian(2012) 
The Fowl Twins(2019) 

Artemis Fowl Short Stories

The Seventh Dwarf(2004) 
Artemis Begins(2011) 

Artemis Fowl Collections

The Artemis Fowl Files(2004)

Artemis Fowl Graphic Novels

Artemis Fowl(2007) 
The Arctic Incident(2009) 
The Eternity Code(2013) 
The Opal Deception(2014) 

Will and Marty Children’s Books

The Legend of Spud Murphy(2004) 
The Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth(2005) 
The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World(2007) 

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Books

And Another Thing…(2009) 

Plugged Books


W.A.R.P. Books

The Reluctant Assassin(2013) 
The Hangman’s Revolution(2014) 
The Forever Man(2015) 

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Short Stories

A Big Hand for the Doctor(2013)

Standalone Novels

The Wish List(2000) 
The Supernaturalist(2004) 
Half Moon Investigations(2006) 
Mary’s Hair(2013) 
Iron Man: The Gauntlet(2016) 
The Dog Who Lost His Bark(2018) 

Short Story Collections

Kids’ Night In: Warchild(2003) 
Free?: Stories Celebrating Human Rights(2009) 
Midnight Feast: Warchild(2011) 

Graphic Novels

The Supernaturalist(2013)

Publication Order of Picture Books

Imaginary Fred(2015)
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