Eric Flint

Eric Flint is an American author, editor and e-publisher. He was born in 1947 and has written many books, most of which are science fiction and alternate history. He also writes hilarious fantasy adventure stories. His works have appeared on the Locus Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post bestseller lists. He once worked on a doctorate in history, but he left the program to join political activism. From that moment on until he reached 50, he supported himself in various jobs, including machinist, truck driver, and longshoreman and even as an organizer for the labor union.

After winning a writing contest in 1993, his first book was published in 1997, and after that he became a full-time writer in 1999. One of his most notable works is ‘1632’, which is a series that tells us the story of freedom and justice-American style in 1632 northern Germany where things couldn’t get much worse. There was famine, disease, and religious war decimating the cities. It’s only the aristocrats who escaped relatively unscathed. For the peasants however, death was merciful.

The year is 2000 and things are going well in Grantville, West Virginia. Mike Stern has a sister getting married and everyone in attendance (including an entire local branch of a mine workers’ union) is having the time of their lives. But then everything changed and when the dust finally settles, Mike organizes a band of armed mining workers to investigate what happened. The men discover that the road leading into town has been cut, as if a sword has been used. And on the opposite side is a scene straight out of hell. A man has been nailed to the door of a farmhouse, and his spouse and daughter had been assaulted by men wearing steel vests.

Confronted with this horror, Mike and the miners start shooting, and at that moment, they introduce freedom and justice, American style, just like it was during the Thirty Years’ War. In the book’s introduction, the author explained that aliens played around with space and time, and an alternate universe split off, and it was called Assiti Shards. This meant that the Twentieth Century people in West Virginia could shift the timeline. It’s a pleasant change from time travel stories where timelines don’t change. So you can think of this story as a weird alternate history novel.

The author has also done a good job on the historical research, and manages to capture the benefit of living in a little blue-collar West Virginian town. The book also brings out the reality of living during the 17th Century, especially with all the major political issues. We can also learn what it felt like to be the common man during the year 1632. The author also brings a realistic scenario all around, and we find people having real concerns, such as not being able to replace worn-out parts because the machine shops didn’t have the required tools. Perhaps the author could have toned down on the use of violence as a means of delivering justice, but overall, 1632 is a wonderful story.

Eric Flint has also written 1633, which is the second installment of the Assiti Shards series. The new Confederated Principalities of Europe (CPE)-an alliance between Gustavus, king of Sweden, and the West Virginia town, led by Mike Stearns, which was hurled back through time to the thirty years war – has big problems. While the greatest European maritime war is erupting, Cardinal Richelieu was busy creating an alliance to bring down the CPE and it’s only technology from America that can rescue Gustavus from being ruined.

1633 is billed as American freedom and justice versus seventeenth century tyranny, and we Find mike Stearns trying to reform Europe by sweet reason. If the first novel was filled with adventure, then the second installment is more of a historical narration of events that happened in 17th Century Europe. At this time, the politics had become even more complicated, and things become more complex when American’s historical books are stolen. And Oliver Cromwell is arrested even before he has done any wrong simply because these history books say that he is going to start a rebellion within the not-too-distant future.

One thing that comes out when you read 1633 is two unmistakable voices. On the one hand you have the part that is historically oriented and on the hand you have the story of Mike Stearns being told. The author also brings to life his libertarian political leanings, and for someone who isn’t too interested in politics, that can be a bit much. But the author has done a good job in creating his alternative universe. He has also done a good job of fleshing out the characters, which was something that was lacking in the first book.

Perhaps the author could have done a better job of shortening the dialogues because you have a situation where the characters are spending too much time explaining things to one another. Politics and foreign policy take center stage, and the author handles these issues in a superb manner. You find tension between the alliances because the displaced Americans are trying to incorporate their new allies in their democratic world while trying to allow them to maintain their monarchical way of life. We also find good guys finding themselves in a world at war, and they contrive to overcome the villains and save the day.

1633 finds Eric Flint collaborating with David Weber and the end result is a good characterization and structure in the book. In the first novel, most characters where stereotyped but in the second novel, we find these characters being smoothed out thanks to Weber. Coalition building is the main theme of the book, and we find the people of Grantsville trying to secure democracy in a world that has been overrun by powerful enemies. However, since the Americans are coming from the a future time, they posses some modern technology, and it is fun to watch how the author resists the temptation of using modern technology in order to impose an American democracy in Germany.All in all, the Assiti Shards series is a great read for anyone interested in alternative history.

Eric Flint was born in California in 1947, he is a not only a writer but he is also an editor and he does e-publishing. He now lives in north Indiana with his family. He has a Ph.D. in history and most of his work has a historical theme to them. He has worked in a variety of capacities including truck driver, machinist, and longshoreman, organizer for the labor union and as a political activist. He also has done work for the Socialist Workers Party as an activist. His works features science fiction mainly and has been featured the Wall Street Journal, Locus Magazine lists for best sellers and the New York Times.

He has also done work in the fantasy adventure genre and has always been intrigue with the past. He is a regular guy that lives with his family. He won the Writers for the future competition in 1993 and by 1997 he wrote his first novel and was full time writing by 1999. He has done many editing for famous authors who write in the science fictions genre. He has also done work fixing up their short stories and fix up novels. He eventually became editor for Jim Baen work on the Universe science fiction e-zine project. He was still doing his own writing and making his publishing quota. Eric Flint has donated his book archive to the Rare Books department and special collections based in Northern Illinois University. He is recognized as the editor for Bean free Library. The Steller Guild published by Phoenix pick has also seen the talents of this author and was the NASFiC Reconstruction guest author for the year 2010.

Cauldron of Ghosts

This novel is a New York Times best seller and the third in the Crown of Slaves series. It continues the story of agent Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat. The mood of the story is set in the Weber’s Honor verse. It centers around the very ancient cabal bent on enslaving the human race. The two stars of this novel threaten to expose their organization and when they do the entire galaxy’s political framework goes in shambles. Alliances are broken and new ones form and best friends become enemies. The long rivalry of the Republic of Heaven and the people of Monticore’s Star Empire have been completely squashed and the both have focused both their sights solely on the Alignment of Mesan. It is going to take a lot more than that to get that entity to surface. Even the stars of the novel are not exempted from the savagery of the Alignment.

Crown of Slaves

This is a bestselling first time paperback of the Honor Harrington Universe. There is an alliance between the Star kingdom and Erewhon that is getting stronger due to the ignorance of the problems of the High Ridge regime. There is a definite instability in the politics of the Solarian League proven by the assassination of their voice of public conscience. The slave labor planet that the High Ridge was doing nothing about have all contributed to the long standing problems. The niece of the Queen Elizabeth and Zilwicki has been commissioned by the queen in a desperate attempt to stop the problem.

The mission to a turn for the wort when they got to Erewhon only to encounter Victor Cachat, a very able agent may be the best for the Republic of Haven and to make matters worse Jeremy X is also present. He is leading the Audubon ballroom which is the organization of freed radical slaves.


The book is based in northern Germany and another in the Ring of Fire series. It was a time that death was a mercy for the lower class while the aristocrats lived a lavished life style. Things chance and Mike has to command a troop of miners in a fight against men in steel vests. These men were killing the community members without mercy and stapling them to the sides of building. The star of the novel along with the miners has to address this situation with extreme prejudice.

1636, Commander Cantrell in the West Indies

This novel is also a best seller for the alternate history genres on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This novel is the 18th in the series, the Ring of Fire series. This novel tells the story of Eddie Cantrell’s mission to the Caribbean to secure very valuable treasures. He is sent by an Admiral Simpson, who has provided him with a small fleet of the new tech steam powered ships fresh off the ship yard. Even with this arsenal the commander still face a major problem in the form of the presence of the Spanish in the New World.

A plan is formulated to distract the Spanish and it was executed by the last earl of Ireland and a car mechanic. The will have to get to Trinidad and snatch the oil fields in an attempt to draw the attention of the New World governors. The plan works and while the Spanish galleons are off to Trinidad it gives the commander a chance for one of his sloops to make it for the coast of Louisiana. The crew will then take the Jennings Oil Field, the prize of the New World. The plans of the commander might be in jeopardy as he continues to face violent natives, starving allied colonies, Dutch ship unruly captains and internal fighting. It was about to get worst for the commander as he is about to find out that he has enemies in all forms and they will be coming at him.

Novelist enjoys reading novels just as much as fans with various writers having either examined a particular topic broadly or have been tried by a blend of uncommon experiences. Whether undeniable, research, nostalgic question or significant center hobby. Eric Flint is a stunning writer with astonishing books that merits their success. This is an author that has provided many best sellers and excellent titles, if you didn’t know now you know .

Books in order of publication by series:

Belisarius Books

An Oblique Approach(1998) 
In the Heart of Darkness(1998) 
Destiny’s Shield(1999) 
Fortune’s Stroke(2000) 
The Tide of Victory(2001) 
The Dance of Time(2006) 

Ring Of Fire Books

1634: The Galileo Affair(2004) 
Ring of Fire(2004) 
1634: The Ram Rebellion(2006) 
1634: The Baltic War(2007) 
1634: The Bavarian Crisis(2007) 
1635: The Cannon Law(2006) 
1635: The Dreeson Incident(2008) 
Ring of Fire II(2008) 
1635: The Tangled Web(2009) 
1635: The Eastern Front(2010) 
1636: The Saxon Uprising(2011) 
Ring of Fire III(2011) 
1636: The Kremlin Games(2012) 
1635: The Papal Stakes(2012) 
1636: The Devil’s Opera(2013) 
1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies(2014) 
1636: The Viennese Waltz(2014) 
1636: The Cardinal Virtues(2015) 
1635: A Parcel of Rogues(2016) 
Ring of Fire IV(2016) 
1636: The Ottoman Onslaught(2017) 
1637: The Volga Rules(2017) 
The Alexander Inheritance(2017) 

Chronological order of Ring Of Fire Books

Ring of Fire(2004) 
1634: The Baltic War(2007) 
1634: The Ram Rebellion(2006) 
1634: The Galileo Affair(2004) 
1634: The Bavarian Crisis(2007) 
Ring of Fire II(2008) 
1635: The Cannon Law(2006) 
1635: The Dreeson Incident(2008) 
1635: The Tangled Web(2009) 
1635: The Papal Stakes(2012) 
1635: The Eastern Front(2010) 
1636: The Saxon Uprising(2011) 
Ring of Fire III(2011) 
1636: The Kremlin Games(2012) 
1636: The Devil’s Opera(2013) 
1636: The Viennese Waltz(2014) 
1636: The Cardinal Virtues(2015) 
Ring of Fire IV(2016) 
1636: The Ottoman Onslaught(2017) 
1637: The Volga Rules(2017) 
The Alexander Inheritance(2017) 

Rats, Bats and Vats Books

Rats, Bats and Vats(2000) 
The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly(2004) 

Rats, Bats and Vats Short Stories

The Genie Out of the Vat(2011) 

Rats, Bats and Vats Collection

Crawlspace and Other Stories(2011)

Joe’s World Books

The Philosophical Strangler(2001) 
Forward the Mage(2002) 

Pyramid Books

Pyramid Scheme(2001) 
Pyramid Power(2007) 

Heirs Of Alexandria Books

The Shadow of the Lion(2002) 
This Rough Magic(2003) 
Much Fall of Blood(2010) 
Burdens of the Dead(2013) 
All the Plagues of Hell(2018) 

Raj Whitehall Books

The Tyrant(2002) 

Jao Books

The Course of Empire(2003) 
The Crucible of Empire(2010) 
The Span of Empire(2016) 

Demon Rift Books

The Demons of Paris(2018) 

Honor Harrington Books

Crown of Slaves(2003) 
Torch of Freedom(2009) 
Cauldron of Ghosts(2014) 

Witches Of Karres Books

The Wizard of Karres(2004) 
The Sorceress of Karres(2010) 

Trail Of Glory Books

1812: The Rivers of War(2005) 
1824: The Arkansas War(2006) 

Boundary Books


Stellar Guild Books

The Aethers of Mars(2014)

Boundary: Castaway Books

Castaway Planet(2015) 
Castaway Odyssey(2016) 

Gods Of Sagittarius Book

Gods of Sagittarius(2017) 

Standalone Novels

Mother of Demons(1997) 
Time Spike(2008) 
A Slow Train to Arcturus(2008) 
Iron Angels(2017) 

Short Stories

Pirates of the Suara Sea(2011) 
Red Fiddler(2011) 
The Witch’s Murder(2011) 
Entropy and the Strangler(2012) 
The Fossil and the Etchings(2012) 
A Soldier’s Complaint(2012) 
The Thief and the Roller Derby Queen(2012) 
The Truth About the Gotterdammerung(2012) 

Grantville Gazette Anthologies

Grantville Gazette(2004) 
Grantville Gazette II(2006) 
Grantville Gazette III(2006) 
Grantville Gazette IV(2006) 
Grantville Gazette V(2009) 
Grantville Gazette VI(2011) 

Short Story Collections

The Warmasters(2002) 
Mountain Magic(2004) 
The Flood Was Fixed and Other Stories(2011) 
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