Ernst Lothar

Ernst Lothar (German: [ˈloːtar]; 25 October 1890 – 30 October 1974) was a Moravian-Austrian writer, theatre director/manager and producer.

He was born Ernst Lothar Müller, and as Müller is a very common German surname, he dropped it. His brother, Hans Müller-Einigen, by contrast, added a surname.

Books in order of publication:

The Loom of Justice (1935), translated by Willa and Edwin Muir

A Woman is Witness: A Paris Diary (1941), translated by June Barrows Mussey

Beneath Another Sun (1943), translated by June Barrows Mussey

The Angel with the Trumpet (1944), made into films of the same name in 1948 and 1950; republished in 2015 as “The Vienna Melody”, translated by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood

The Prisoner: A Novel (1945), translated by James Austin Galston

The Door Opens (1945), translated by Marion A. Werner; illustrated by Garth Williams

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