February 2021 artist – Irma Ramirez

Artist biography and story. I have perfected my expertise through years of painting different art subjects. My paintings have been very diverse in subject, including:



Still Life



All of my work is produced using only premium quality oil paints, canvases and brushes. Each color is accurately mixed and each brush uniquely selected to create the closest replication.

I have reproduced oil paintings by famous artists, including:

Claude Monet

Vincent VanGogh

Pablo Picasso

I have also taken individual portraits and reproduced them from photographs.

My passion and love for painting has inspired me to create paintings of my own, using my imagination, thus creating an original work of art.

To contact the artist, you can email her at Ramirez.Irma11@gmail.com

Culmination – 48 x 60″ $1500
Kimono 48 x 60″ $1500

In My Bones – 48 x 60″ $1500
Ups and Downs – 48 x 60″ $1500
Paul Gouging $300
Amadeo Modigliani $400

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