Ferdinand Mount

Sir William Robert Ferdinand Mount, 3rd Baronet, FRSL (born 2 July 1939), is a British writer, novelist, and columnist for The Sunday Times, as well as a political commentator.

Books in order of publication:

Very Like a Whale (1967), novel

The Theatre of Politics (1972),

The Man Who Rode Ampersand (1975), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 1)

The Clique (1978), novel

The Subversive Family: An Alternative History of Love and Marriage (1982)

The Practice of Liberty (1986), novel

The Selkirk Strip (1987), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 2)

Of Love and Asthma (1991), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 3), Winner of the Hawthornden Prize 1992

Communism: A Times Literary Supplement Companion (1992), editor

The British Constitution Now: Recovery or Decline? (1992)

The Recovery of the Constitution (Sovereignty Lectures) (1992)

Umbrella: A Pacific Tale (1994), novel, (Tales of History and Imagination – 1)

The Liquidator (1995), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 4)

Jem (and Sam): A Revenger’s Tale (1999), novel, (Tales of History and Imagination – 2)

Fairness (2001), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 5)

Mind the Gap: Class in Britain Now (2004)

Heads You Win (2004), novel, (Chronicle of Modern Twilight – 6)

Private Life 21st Century (2006)

The Condor’s Head (2007), novel

Cold Cream: My Early Life and Other Mistakes (2009), memoir

Full Circle: How the Classical World Came Back to Us, Simon & Schuster, 2010.

The New Few: Power and Inequality in Britain Now or A Very British Oligarchy (2012)

The Tears of the Rajas: Mutiny, Money, and Marriage in India 1805–1905 (2015)

English Voices: Lives, Landscapes, Laments (2016)

Prime Movers: From Pericles to Gandhi (2018)

Kiss Myself Goodbye: The Many Lives of Aunt Munca (2020)

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