Fergus Bordewich

Fergus M. Bordewich (born November 1, 1947) is an American writer, historian, and editor living in San Francisco. He is the author of eight nonfiction books, including a memoir, and an illustrated children’s book.


  • Cathay: A Journey in Search of Old China, Prentice Hall Press, 1991.
  • Killing the White Man’s Indian: Reinventing Native Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century, Doubleday, 1996,
  • My Mother’s Ghost, Doubleday, 2001
  • Bound for Canaan: The Epic Story of the Underground Railroad. HarperCollins. March 17, 2009.
  • Washington. HarperCollins. March 17, 2009.
  • America’s Great Debate: Henry Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, and the Compromise That Preserved the Union. Simon and Schuster. April 16, 2013.
  • The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government. Simon & Schuster. February 9, 2016.
  • Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought The Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, And Remade America. Penguin Random House. February 18, 2020.

Children’s fiction

  • Peach Blossom Spring, Illustrator Ming-Yi Yang, Green Tiger Press, 1994,
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