Francis Spufford

Francis Spufford is an English author born in 1964 and primarily known for writing non-fiction.


Spufford was born to Professor Margaret Spufford and Professor Peter Spufford. Margaret was a social historian while Peter specialized in economic history. The nature of his parents’ scholarly backgrounds had a notable impact on the path Spufford chose to take.

As a non-fiction writer, Spufford has won awards for scientific, historical and political writing. The author, who boasts a degree in English literature which he acquired in 1985 from the University of Cambridge, prefers non-fiction but his style has such a strong element of story-telling.

Books in order of publication:

Old New York Books

Golden Hill(2016) 

Short Story Collections

True Stories and Other Essays(2017) 


The Chatto Book of Cabbages and Kings(1989) 
The Vintage Book of the Devil(1993) 
The Antarctic(2008) 

Non-Fiction Books

Cultural Babbage(1996) 
The Child That Books Built(2002) 
Backroom Boys(2003) 
Red Plenty(2010) 
I May Be Some Time: The Story Behind the Antarctic Tragedy of Captain Scott(2018)
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