Frank Herbert

Franck Patrick Herbert Jr. was born on 8th October 1920 and he died on February 11th, 1986, he was a renowned science fiction writer from the United States and there are numerous works that have made him one of the most inspirational sci-fi writers of all time. The novel Dune had five sequels and coupled with this Franck was a photographer, newspaper journalist, book reviewer, short story writer, lecturer, and ecological consultant.

Early life

Franck Herbert was born and raised in Tacoma Washington by his parents Eileen McCarthy Herbert and Franck Patrick Herbert Sr. Because of the environment that Herbert lived; he moved away from his local home in the year 1938 and went to live with her uncle and aunt who lived in Salem, Oregon. It is here that Franck Herbert was enrolled to Salem high school currently called North Salem High School in Salem Oregon and he graduated in 1939. In the same year (1939), Franck Herbert cheated about his age in order to get a job with the local newspaper The Glendale Star. Thereafter in 1940 Herbert returned to his native home Oregon and worked for Oregon statesman newspaper in various roles such as editing, photography among others. Franck Herbert then joined the American navy Seabees for 6 months and here he was a photographer during the Second World War, however he was given medical discharge a left the navy. Franck Herbert then got married in San Pedro California to Flora Parkinson in 1940. The couple begot a daughter called Penny on 6th February 1942, however the coupled divorced 3 years later.

After the Second World War Franck Herbert attended University Of Washington and it is here that he met Beverly Ann. Stewart during his creative writing class, at this point they were only students and had sold some work for publication. Franck Herbert had sold a couple of stories to different magazines first being The Esquire in the year 1945 and on the other hand, Modern Romance Magazine had purchased Stuart’s story. Franck Herbert dated Stuart for several months before they decided to tie a knot on 20th June 1946. The couple begot two sons two sons Bruce Calvin Herbert born on June 26, 1951in California and Brian Patrick Herbert born on 29 June 1947 in Seattle Washington. Franck Herbert decided to relocate with his wife in the year 1949; they went to California and worked for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. They befriended a couple Irene Slattery and Ralph Slattery who were psychologists; the couple introduced Herbert to several characters that would thereafter influence his writing. Some of the notable characters that Herbert was introduced to included Heidegger, Jaspers, Jung, Freud; these individuals familiarized Herbert to Zen Buddhism.

As per Brian, his son’s interview, Franck Herbert did not graduate from the university because he was only interested in certain subjects that would suit his field and therefore failed to complete others required for one to graduate. He thereafter went back to journalism and worked for Oregon Statesman and The Seattle Star. In addition, he was the editor and writer to the California living magazine and San Francisco examiner for ten years. In an interview in the year 1973, Franck Herbert indicated that he had been reading various books about scientific for about a decade and he was influenced into writing about the genre. Some of the favorite writers that influenced Franck Herbert include Poul Anderson, Robert .A. Heinlein and H.G. Wells.

Style of Writing and Some of His Books

In most cases, Franck Herbert work was accentuated by various characters as indicated earlier and his style of writing was scientific fiction, he began writing his first book Looking for something’ and it the book was published later in 1952. Franck Herbert further wrote several books in his career and during this time, Herbert worked as a speechwriter to republican senator Guy Cordon. One of the most notable books from his library is Dune.

Dune saga

Franck Herbert began researching for his book Dune in late 50s; he devoted his entire time and resources into writing the book. His wife at the time had returned to full time advertising writer for the departmental stores and became a breadwinner in most parts of the 60s. He told Willis E. McNelly that the novel was supposed to be a magazine, mainly about sand Dunes in Florence Oregon. He was too much involved that the raw material he had was more than enough for an article on the magazine, he published it as a novel instead. It took Franck Herbert six years to research Dune and he completed the writing within the same period, it was long that the normal science fiction and it was edited and published in two parts each with eight installments. The book was rejected by over twenty publishing companies, however one of the publishers reiterated that he was about to make a mistake of all time decade and decided to publish Dune. Sterling E. Lanier and editor with the Chilton Book Company offered seven thousand five hundred dollars plus future royalties to publish the book.

Dune was critical to his writing success and it won best novel award commonly called Nebula Award in the year 1965 and shared Hugo Award in the year 1966 with Roger Zelanzy’s And Call Me Conrad’ . Dune was majorly an ecological scientific fiction novel that embraced numerous themes, which evolved and traversed numerous characters and different viewpoints. Dune did not gain immediate popularly or became the best seller, however in the year 1968 Franck Herbert had made over twenty thousand dollars from it and it sold more than any other scientific fiction at that time. Upon publication of his novels, he became education writer and a lecturer of general studies at his previous university, the University Of Washington. By the year 1972 Franck Herbert decided to retire from his previous work of writing for the newspaper and focus on scientific fiction writing and it is during this era that he enjoyed success as an author.

Family Changes and Death

Franck Herbert’s financial change came with different difficulties and challenges and a major one was that Franck Herbert’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 1974 and had to undergo an operation. After the operation, Beverly lived for ten years, however because of the adverse effects of the surgery she died in the year 1984. After the death of Beverly Herbert married, Theresa Schacklefold in 1985 and he published Chapterhouse: Dune. This was final Franck Herbert’s work and he died of pulmonary blockage or pulmonary embolism during recovery from pancreatic cancer surgery. It is imperative to note that Herbert was critic to the Soviet Union and shared most ideas with republican senator Joseph McCarthy. Franck Herbert influenced how science fiction is written in the modern world and he is an enigma in his literary world.

Books in order of publication:

Dune Books

Dune Messiah(1969) 
Children of Dune(1976) 
God Emperor of Dune(1981) 
Heretics of Dune(1984) 
Chapterhouse: Dune(1985) 

Dune Collections

Songs of Muad’dib(1992) 
The Road to Dune(2005) 

Pandora Sequence Books

Destination: Void(1966) 
The Jesus Incident(1978) 
The Lazarus Effect(1983) 
The Ascension Factor(1988) 

Standalone Novels

The Dragon in the Sea(1956) 
The Eyes of Heisenberg(1966) 
The Green Brain(1966) 
The Santaroga Barrier(1967) 
The Heaven Makers(1968) 
Whipping Star(1970) 
Soul Catcher(1971) 
The Godmakers(1972) 
Hellstrom’s Hive(1973) 
The Dosadi Experiement(1977) 
Direct Descent(1980) 
The White Plague(1982) 
Man of Two Worlds(1986) 
Angels’ Fall(2013) 
A Game of Authors(2013) 
A Thorn in the Bush(2014) 

Short Story Collections

The Worlds of Frank Herbert(1970) 
The Priests of Psi(1971) 
The Book of Frank Herbert(1973) 
The Best of Frank Herbert 1952-1964(1975) 
The Best of Frank Herbert 1952-70(1975) 

Non-Fiction Books

Survival and the Atom(1952) 
New World or No World(1970) 
Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience(1973) 
The Notebooks of Frank Herbert’s Dune(1988)
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