Fred Gipson

Frederick Benjamin “Fred” Gipson (February 7, 1908 – August 14, 1973) was an American author and screenwriter. He is best known for writing the 1956 novel Old Yeller, which became a popular 1957 Walt Disney film. Gipson was born on a farm near Mason in the Texas Hill Country, the son of Beck Gipson and Emma Deishler. After working at a variety of farming and ranching jobs, he enrolled in 1933 at the University of Texas at Austin. There he wrote for the Daily Texan and The Ranger, but he left school before graduating to become a newspaper journalist.

Books in order of publication:

Fabulous Empire: Colonel Zack Miller’s Story. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1946.

Hound-Dog Man. New York: Harper, 1949.

Circle Round the Wagons. London: Michael Joseph, 1949. UK edition of Hound-Dog Man.

The Home Place. New York: Harper, 1950.

Cowhand: the story of a working cowboy. New York: Harper, 1953.

The Trail-Driving Rooster. New York: Harper, 1955.

Recollection Creek. New York: Harper, 1955.

Old Yeller. New York: Harper, 1956.

The “Cow Killers”: with the Aftosa Commission in Mexico. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1956.

Recollection Creek, revised for young people. New York: Harper, 1959.

Savage Sam. New York: Harper, 1962.

Little Arliss. New York: Harper, 1978.

Curly and the Wild Boar. New York: Harper, 1979.

Hound-Dog Man. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1980.

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