Fuminori Nakamura

His debut novel  (The Gun) won the Shinchō New Author Prize in 2002. Also received the Noma Prize for New Writers in 2004 for Shakō [The Shade]. Winner of the Akutagawa Prize in 2005 for Tsuchi no naka no kodomo (Child in the Ground). Suri (Pickpocket) won the Ōe Kenzaburō Prize in 2010. His other works include Sekai no Hate (The Far End of the World), Ōkoku (Kingdom), and Meikyū (Labyrinth).

Author website:  http://www.nakamurafuminori.jp/

Books in order of publication (In English):

The Gun -2003

The Boy in the Earth – 2005

The Thief – 2009

Evil and the Mask – 2010

The Kingdom – 2011

Last Winter We Parted – 2013

Cult X – 2014

My Annihilation – 2016

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