G. (Gary) B. Trudeau

Garretson Beekman “Garry” Trudeau is an American cartoonist, best known for the Doonesbury comic strip. In 1970, Trudeau’s creation of Doonesbury was syndicated by the newly formed Universal Press Syndicate. Today Doonesbury is syndicated to almost 1,400 newspapers worldwide and is accessible online in association with Slate Magazine at doonesbury.com. In 1975, he became the first comic strip artist to win a Pulitzer, traditionally awarded to editorial-page cartoonists. He was also a Pulitzer finalist in 1990. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1977 in the category of Animated Short Film, for A Doonesbury Special, in collaboration with John Hubley and Faith Hubley. A Doonesbury Special eventually won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Special Prize in 1978. Other awards include the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 1994, and the Reuben Award in 1995. He was made a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1993. Wiley Miller, fellow comic-strip artist responsible for Non Sequitur, called Trudeau “far and away the most influential editorial cartoonist in the last 25 years.” In addition to his work on Doonesbury, Trudeau has teamed with Elizabeth Swados and written plays, such as Rap Master Ronnie and Doonesbury: A Musical Comedy. In 1988, Trudeau joined forces with director Robert Altman for the HBO miniseries Tanner ’88 and the Sundance Channel miniseries sequel Tanner on Tanner in 2004. In 1996, Newsweek and the Washington Post speculated that Trudeau wrote the novel Primary Colors, which was later revealed to have been written by Joe Klein. Trudeau wrote the political sitcom Alpha House, starring John Goodman and Bill Murray. The pilot was produced by Amazon Studios and aired in early 2013. Due to positive response Amazon has picked up Alpha House to develop into a full series.
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Books in order of publication:

  1. Still a Few Bugs in the System, 1972 (republished as Even Revolutionaries Like Chocolate Chip Cookies and Just a French Major from the Bronx, Popular Library, 1972)
  2. The President Is a Lot Smarter Than You Think, 1973 (republished as The President Is a Lot Smarter Than You Think and Don’t Ever Change Boopsie, Popular Library, 1973)
  3. But This War Had Such Promise, 1973 (republished as Bravo for Life’s Little Ironies and I Have No Son, Popular Library)
  4. Call Me When You Find America, 1973
  5. Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!, 1974
  6. “What Do We Have for the Witnesses, Johnnie?”, 1975
  7. Dare to Be Great, Ms. Caucus, 1975
  8. Wouldn’t a Gremlin Have Been More Sensible?, 1975
  9. “Speaking of Inalienable Rights, Amy…”, 1976
  10. You’re Never Too Old for Nuts and Berries, 1976
  11. An Especially Tricky People, 1977
  12. As the Kid Goes for Broke, 1977 (hardbound)
  13. Stalking the Perfect Tan, 1978
  14. “Any Grooming Hints for Your Fans, Rollie?”, 1978
  15. “But the Pension Fund Was Just Sitting There”, 1979
  16. We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet, 1979
  17. A Tad Overweight, But Violet Eyes to Die For, 1980
  18. And That’s My Final Offer!, 1980
  19. He’s Never Heard of You, Either, 1981 (republished as Adjectives Will Cost You Extra and Gotta Run, My Government Is Collapsing, Fawcett, 1982
  20. In Search of Reagan’s Brain, 1981 (republished as [?] Is This Your First Purge, Miss? and [?] We Who Are About to Fry, Salute You, Fawcett, 1982)
  21. Ask for May, Settle for June, 1982 (republished as It’s Supposed to Be Yellow, Pinhead and Do All Birders Have Bedroom Eyes, Dear?, Fawcett, 1983)
  22. Unfortunately, She Was Also Wired for Sound, 1982 (republished as [?] Confirmed Bachelors Are Just So Fascinating and [?] Dressed for Failure, I See, Fawcett, 1984)
  23. The Wreck of the “Rusty Nail”, 1983 (republished as A Farewell to Alms and [?] Sir, I’m Worried About Your Mood Swings, Fawcett, 1984)
  24. You Give Great Meeting, Sid, 1983
  25. Check Your Egos at the Door, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York. 1985
  26. That’s Doctor Sinatra, You Little Bimbo!, 1986
  27. Death of a Party Animal, 1986
  28. Downtown Doonesbury, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York. 1987.
  29. Calling Dr. Whoopee, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York. 1988.
  30. Talkin’ About My G-G-Generation, 1988
  31. We’re Eating More Beets!, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York. 1988
  32. Read My Lips, Make My Day, Eat Quiche and Die!, Andrews McMeel, 1989.
  33. Give Those Nymphs Some Hooters!, Andrews McMeel, 1989.
  34.  You’re Smokin’ Now, Mr. Butts!, Andrews McMeel, 1990.
  35. I’d Go With the Helmet, Ray, Andrews McMeel, 1991. Welcome to Club Scud!, Andrews McMeel, 1991.
  36. What Is It Tink, Is Pan in Trouble?, 1992.
  37. Quality Time on Highway 1, Andrews McMeel, 1993.
  38. Washed Out Bridges and Other Disasters, Andrews McMeel, 1994.
  39. In Search of Cigarette Holder Man, Andrews McMeel, 1994.
  40. Doonesbury Nation, Andrews McMeel, 1995.
  41. Virtual Doonesbury, Andrews McMeel, 1996.
  42. Planet Doonesbury, Andrews McMeel, 1997.
  43. Buck Wild Doonesbury, Andrews McMeel, 1999.
  44. Duke 2000: Whatever it Takes, 2000.
  45. The Revolt of the English Majors, 2001.
  46. Peace Out, Dawg!, Andrews McMeel, 2002.
  47. Got War?, 2003.
  48. Talk to the Hand, Andrews McMeel, 2004.
  49. Heckuva Job, Bushie!, Andrews McMeel, 2006.
  50. Welcome to the Nerd Farm, Andrews McMeel, 2007.
  51. Tee Time in Berzerkistan, Andrews McMeel, 2009.
  52. Red Rascal’s War, Andrews McMeel, 2011.
  53. Squared Away: A Doonesbury Book, Andrews McMeel, 2013
  54. The Weed Whisperer, Andrews McMeel, 2015
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