G. K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was one of the critically acclaimed English novelist, orator, poet, journalist, biographer, philosopher, art and literary critic, and dramatist. He was better known by the name G.K. Chesterton and was often regarded as the ‘paradox prince’. The Time magazine has observed that author Chesterton used to make his points with the help of some popular proverbs, sayings, and allergies in his novels. He is particularly well known for developing the character of the fictional priest detective named Father Brown as well as for the reasoned Apologetics.

Father Brown Books

The Innocence of Father Brown(1911) 
The Wisdom of Father Brown(1914) 
The Incredulity of Father Brown(1923) 
The Secret of Father Brown(1927) 
The Scandal of Father Brown(1935) 

Father Brown Collections

Father Brown Mysteries the Innocence of Father Brown(1911) 
Father Brown Stories(1927) 
Favorite Father Brown Stories(1935) 
The Best of Father Brown(1935) 
The Puffin Father Brown Stories(1935) 
Father Brown: The Essential Tales(1935) 
Father Brown–A Selection(1935) 
Father Brown of the Church of Rome(1936) 

Standalone Novels

The Napoleon of Notting Hill(1904) 
The Man Who Was Thursday(1908) 
The Ball and the Cross(1909) 
The Flying Inn(1914) 
The Return of Don Quixote(1927) 
Basil Howe: A Story of Young Love(2001) 

Short Stories Books

The Club of Queer Trades(1905) 
The Blue Cross(1910) 
The Invisible Man(1911) 
The Queer Feet(1911) 
The Trees of Pride(1922) 
The Oracle of the Dog(2004) 
The Strange Crime Of John Boulnois(2011) 
The Wrong Shape(2012) 
The Sins of Prince Saradine(2017) 
The Honour of Israel Gow(2018) 
The Flying Stars(2018) 
The Eye of Apollo(2018) 
The Three Tools of Death(2018) 
The Absence of Mr. Glass(2018) 
The Secret Garden(2018) 
The Hammer of God(2019) 

Standalone Plays

Magic: A Fantastic Comedy(2018) 
Judgement of Dr. Johnson(2020) 
The Surprise(2020) 

Short Story Collections

The Ballad of the White Horse(1911) 
The Wild Knight and Other Poems(1914) 
Wine, Water, and Song(1915) 
The Man Who Knew Too Much(1922) 
The Ballad Of St. Barbara And Other Verses(1922) 
The Poet and the Lunatics(1929) 
The Paradoxes Of Mr Pond(1936) 
Stories, Essays and Poems(1936) 
The Coloured Lands(1938) 
The Collected Poems of G. K. Chesterton(1980) 
The Spirit of Christmas(1984) 
Collected Nonsense and Light Verse(1987) 
Seven Suspects(1990) 
The Wild Knight(2000) 
Tales Of The Long Bow(2001) 
G.K. Chesterton’s Sherlock Holmes(2003) 
The Essential Gilbert K. Chesterton Vol. I(2008) 
The Essential Gilbert K. Chesterton Vol. II(2008) 
Greybeards at Play(2008) 
The G.K. Chesterton Calendar(2015) 
G.K. Chesterton – Four Faultless Felons(2016) 
The Queen of Seven Swords(2020) 
Short Stories Of To-Day And Yesterday(2020) 
The Man Who Was Chesterton(2020) 

Picture Books

with Tony Ross

The Shop of Ghosts (With: Tony Ross)(1995) 

Chesterton\’s Biographies Non-Fiction Books

Robert Louis Stevenson(1902) 
Thomas Carlyle,(1902) 
G.F. Watts(1904) 
Charles Dickens(1906) 
William Blake(1909) 
Saint Francis of Assisi(1923) 
St. Thomas Aquinas(1933) 
George Bernard Shaw(1935) 
William Cobbett(2001) 
Leo Tolstoy(2017) 
Robert Browning(2018) 

Non-Fiction Books

A Short History of England(1917) 
The New Jerusalem(2004) 
Lord Kitchener(2008) 
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