Gene Zion

Gene Zion was born on October 5, in 1913. He attended the New School of Social Research and the Pratt Institute . In 1948, he married artist Margaret Bloy Graham, who then collaborated with him on all his picture books. When their marriage ended in 1968, Zion also ended his career as an author. 

Books in order of publication: 

(1951). All Falling Down. Harpercollins. 

(1954). Hide and Seek Day. Harpercollins. 

(1955). The Summer Snowman. Harpercollins. 

(1956). Harry the Dirty Dog. HarperCollins.  

(1956). Really Spring. Harpercollins. 

(1957). Dear Garbage Man. Harpercollins.  

(1957). Jeffie’s Party. Harpercollins. 

(1958). No Roses for Harry! Harpercollins. 

(1959). The Plant Sitter. Harpercollins. 

(1960). Harry and the Lady Next Door. Harpercollins. 

(1962). The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met. Scribners. 

(1964). ‘The Sugar Mouse Cake’ 

(1965). Harry by the Sea. Harpercollins. 

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