Geoffrey Roberts

Geoffrey Roberts (born 1952) is a British historian of World War II working at University College Cork. He specializes in Soviet diplomatic and military history of World War II. He was professor of modern history at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland and head of the School of History at UCC.

Books in order of publication:

The Unholy Alliance – Stalin’s Pact with Hitler – 1989

The Soviet Union and the Origins of the Second World War – 1995

The Soviet Union in world politics : coexistence, revolution, and Cold War, 1945-1991 – 1999

Victory at Stalingrad – The Battle that Changed History – 2002

Stalin’s wars : from World War to Cold War, 1939-1953 – 2006

Molotov – Stalin’s Cold Warrior – 2012

Stalin’s general : the life of Georgy Zhukov – 2012

Churchill and Stalin – Comrades-in Arms During the Second World War – 2020

Stalin’s Library – A Dictator and His Books – 2022

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