Georges Duby

Georges Duby (7 October 1919 – 3 December 1996) was a French historian who specialized in the social and economic history of the Middle Ages. He ranks among the most influential medieval historians of the twentieth century and was one of France’s most prominent public intellectuals from the 1970s to his death.

Born to a family of Provençal craftsmen living in Paris, Duby was initially educated in the field of historical geography before he moved into history. He earned an undergraduate degree at Lyon in 1942 and completed his graduate thesis at the Sorbonne under Charles-Edmond Perrin in 1952. He taught first at Besançon and then at the University of Aix-en-Provence before he was appointed in 1970 to the Chair of the History of Medieval Society in the Collège de France. He remained attached to the Collège until his retirement in 1991. He was elected to the Académie française in 1987.

Books in order of publication:

  • A History of French Civilization (with Robert Mandrou) (New York: Random House) 1964
  • The Making of the Christian West: 980–1140; The Europe of the Cathedrals: 1140–1280; Foundations of a New Humanism: 1280–1440 (Geneva: Skira) 1966–67
  • Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West ((Columbia: University of South Carolina Press) 1968
  • The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century (Ithaca: Cornell) University Press) 1974
  • La Société aux XIe et XIIe siècles dans la région mâconnaise (portions translated in The Chivalrous Society (1978; repr. 1981))
  • Le Dimanche de Bouvines (1973) (Translated in English as The Legend of Bouvines (1990) ISBN 0-520-06238-8)
  • The Year 1000 (1974).
  • The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century (Ithaca: Cornell University Press), 1974.
  • The Age of the Cathedrals: Art and Society 980–1420 (1976).
  • The Three Orders: Feudal Society Imagined (Chicago: University of Chicago Press) 1981.
  • Dialogues, with Guy Lardreau, Paris, Flammarion, 1981, repr. Les petits Platons, 2013.
  • The Knight, The Lady, and the Priest: The Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France (New York: Pantheon) 1981.
  • Guillaume le Maréchal (Paris: Fayard), 1983, tr. as William Marshal: The Flower of Chivalry (1984).
  • L’histoire continue (1991)
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