Gordon James Brown – Scottish Crime Writer

Brown attended King’s Park Secondary school in Glasgow, before graduating from the University of Strathclyde.

Before publishing his novels, he has previously worked with several companies, including e-comsport and Bass Export, and has been the head of marketing at Tennent’s Lager. He then set up Circuit Break, a company specialising in marketing strategy, planning and advice, and is also a director of Worn Out Limited as well as Brain Juice Limited.

Brown’s first novel, Falling, was published in June 2009. Telling the story of a man who becomes involved in a life of crime that he did not wish to be part of, resulting in him being thrown from the roof of a building, it received positive reviews from The Herald and the Daily Record in Scotland.

Books in order of publication:

201059 Minutes
2013The Catalyst
2016Falling (U.S.)
2017Darkest Thoughts (April)
2017Furthest Reaches (September)
2017Falling Too (U.S., October)
2018Deepest Wounds (February)
2019Highest Lives
2020Thirty-One Bones
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